My thoughts during the Super Bowl

I’m not an NFL fan by any stretch.  American football is really challenging for me to watch.  It’s so stop and start, and seems to drag on forevs, you get it.  But I won’t miss the SB ever, because I have a classic case of FOMO, and I adore the half-time show.

So I present to you, a few thoughts that I had during the Super Bowl in 2015.

  • John Legend sounds so good!  My brother was sitting next to me and remarked on how young he looked!
  • I’m so-so on Idina’s national anthem.  She did it a cappella, great, that’s wonderful.  But there was really no tempo to speak of, and she was having a rough time staying in the original key.  Which happens when the orchestra doesn’t accompany you.  But hey, Idina probably doesn’t have student loans, so who am I to shade her?
Rob Carr/Getty Imahes
Rob Carr/Getty Imahes
  • The game started, and I felt bored.  I WAS bored.  I contemplated taking the beagle out because I ate a lot of nasty food that day.  Shame on me.
  • Better not leave, I don’t want to miss Katy my lady.
via USA Today
via USA Today
  • Omg Katy Perry is doing a good job! Her voice sounds really good – I think she’s actually singing some of this live?
  • Loving this Katy, this looks so fun!  There’s Lenny Kravitz!  What a fun combo!  He sounds great obvio.
  • Is that…MISSY ELLIOT?!?!!!!! Omg it’s Missy Elliot!!  IT’S MISSY ELLIOT!!!! This is so good!
  • Aw, it’s over 😦
  • Why the hell are like, none of these commercials funny?
  • What the eff is up with that Nationwide commercial?  So not cool!
  • ::closes laptop:: Ohhh this game is getting interesting.  That interception is not good.

So those were my thoughts…my deep deep thoughts.

What were your thoughts during the Super Bowl?

2 thoughts on “My thoughts during the Super Bowl

  1. Im in the UK, and I normally stay up and watch it (my family are based in California so I knew there would be chat) but i went to bed this year (it doesnt start till 1030pm). I was so sad to have missed Missy!

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