Chipotle Sofritas + Good Customer Service

How do you guys feel about tofu?

I’m a vegetarian, but I’m always really surprised at how many of of my meat-eating friends have never tried tofu, or think that tofu is something disgusting that only people who are really weird about their diets eat.  I actually probably first had good tofu at fat camp, where the chefs would actually marinate it and cook it up similarly to the way you would do a steak.  I started buying my own tofu and cooking it then, and have loved it ever since.

So a few weeks ago, I was working late, and I asked Austin to bring me a Chipotle burrito so I could split it in half and eat it for lunch the following day.  Spoiler alert:  I ate the whole things right then 😦 But I didn’t give Austin a whole lot of direction as far as it concerned the burrito, and he showed up with something called a sofritas burrito.

At first I was like “look playa, this looks a little meaty,” and after a few bites, I had to inspect to make sure what I was eating didn’t contain some sort of ground beef.  because the texture was really ground beefy.  I apologize for the disgusting adjectives, but you get it.

But the burrito that Austin got me was absolutely delicious, and we owe it all to something delicious called sofritas.   Sofritas is a tofu that’s textured really well, and is marinated in some sort of flavorful sauce thingie (helllloooo Padma), and it’s a really tasty addition to a burrito bowl

via Chipotle

A few Mondays ago, Chipotle ran this special where they were trying to get folks to try sofritas, and with each sofritas thing you tried, you got a little coupon thingie for another meal on another day. So ol’ Dave Ramsey chick over here was like YEAH, I’m about that life!

So I went to the Chipotle prepped to buy my meal, and prepped for my coupon…if you split that meal in half, that’s like FOUR DAYS of food! WHAAA! But when I went, they were running out of things, and I was turned away (really politely) at the door. But I was really relentless, and the next day, I called, spoke to a manager, and explained what had happened the day before with no expectation.

The manager of the Chipotle at Hillsborough St. across from NC State gave me my meal for free, and was very apologetic about them having run out of stuff the night before.

Now THAT is customer service, and even though Chipotle is hell bent on making me fat, I will visit there the next time I need my southwestern fix.

What is the best customer service you have ever received? 

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