Something to look forward to – Summer Shows!

I love live music. It’s like top 4 things I like to spend my money on. The others being food, races, savings/paying off bills, and mani/pedis. Best money spent in life (I feel like).

So when Beyonce happened to mention that she was launching dates for her Formation World Tour at Sunday’s really disappointing Super Bowl. Made less-disappointing by that fact that we had a bunch of friends over. But still. So Bey announced the tour in the most Bey way possible, by inciting a little controversy (which, I’m not here to argue about), and then running this commercial that looked like an ad for her new fragrance.

And this ceremoniously kicked off my personal tour de music for the warmer months. Which makes me hopeful because this cold weather is absolute trash and I really want nothing more to do with it.

Here’s what I’ve got so far!

April 8th – Gavin DeGraw at Red Hat – this will be my second time seeing him at this particular venue, and probably like my 5th time seeing him in real life.  Every time I’ve seen him has been awesome, and I stand by my confidence in the fact that he once called me pretty.  ::tosses hair::

May 3rd – Beyonce at Carter-Finley – this will be like my 4th or 5th time seeing her altogether.  Acquiring tickets may be tricky, so I’m going to go into this process with a really open mind and hope for the best.  But if I don’t get to see her, Bey, there’s always next time.

May 11th – Pentatonix – I have never seen this group live, but I’m so looking forward to this.  Can’t Sleep Love ended up being one of my standout faves from the album, and I desperately adore Mitch and Scott.  Avi is bae.  I would love to have dinner with these guys.  INTERVIEW THEM FOR THE BLOG?  Even though as I say that, I have no idea what the heck I would ask them, and would probably just creepily sit in the corner as they filmed Superfruit, laughing my head off.  Just a guess.

July 2nd – Demi Lovato – I saw her once before in Charlotte, and she was really awesome.  The show was full of tweens, but I think we’ve established that I really am not super affected by the audience.  She was really good.  I think my fave was Nightingale, because she through in a BANANAS key change after the bridge.  YAS!

July 6th – Justin Bieber – This will be my second show with the Biebs.  I actually just went back and listened to the singles off Believe, and I am so stoked for the show.  Love him or hate him, he put out some good stuff with Purpose and I’m here for all of it.

Wish List:  These are artists I’m really needing new music from/would love a tour from sometime this summer.

Allen Stone – he is at Bonnaroo this year.  Something tells me I won’t be making it to any festivals this year, so I’d love a small show.

Katy Perry – I’m ready for a tour AND new music.  I’m very much a Teenage Dream fan, so I’m ready for another album with FIVE hit singles on it.

And this is what I got!

What shows are you excited about seeing this summer?

What’s the most you’ve ever (you would) pay for a concert ticket?

My thoughts during the Super Bowl

I’m not an NFL fan by any stretch.  American football is really challenging for me to watch.  It’s so stop and start, and seems to drag on forevs, you get it.  But I won’t miss the SB ever, because I have a classic case of FOMO, and I adore the half-time show.

So I present to you, a few thoughts that I had during the Super Bowl in 2015.

  • John Legend sounds so good!  My brother was sitting next to me and remarked on how young he looked!
  • I’m so-so on Idina’s national anthem.  She did it a cappella, great, that’s wonderful.  But there was really no tempo to speak of, and she was having a rough time staying in the original key.  Which happens when the orchestra doesn’t accompany you.  But hey, Idina probably doesn’t have student loans, so who am I to shade her?
Rob Carr/Getty Imahes
Rob Carr/Getty Imahes
  • The game started, and I felt bored.  I WAS bored.  I contemplated taking the beagle out because I ate a lot of nasty food that day.  Shame on me.
  • Better not leave, I don’t want to miss Katy my lady.
via USA Today
via USA Today
  • Omg Katy Perry is doing a good job! Her voice sounds really good – I think she’s actually singing some of this live?
  • Loving this Katy, this looks so fun!  There’s Lenny Kravitz!  What a fun combo!  He sounds great obvio.
  • Is that…MISSY ELLIOT?!?!!!!! Omg it’s Missy Elliot!!  IT’S MISSY ELLIOT!!!! This is so good!
  • Aw, it’s over 😦
  • Why the hell are like, none of these commercials funny?
  • What the eff is up with that Nationwide commercial?  So not cool!
  • ::closes laptop:: Ohhh this game is getting interesting.  That interception is not good.

So those were my thoughts…my deep deep thoughts.

What were your thoughts during the Super Bowl?