I almost started a bikini line yesterday…

So yesterday, this bikini that I ordered finally arrived at the house.

I’d been in need of a new bathing suit in forever – the last bikini I bought was this adorable pink number that I’d managed to randomly snag at the Target like two years ago.

My stepmother-in-law gave me a gift card to Victoria’s Secret, and after I searched high and low, I picked this:


It seemed like the suit would offer me adequate coverage, all while being really cute.  Plus, I was able to pick a pretty big top, and the color was fine.  So it finally showed up, and I put it on and it was HORRIBLE on.  Absolutely horrible.  The bottom was cute, but the top wasn’t supportive at all, and my boobs were literally hanging out of the bottom of the suit.

I live close enough to the mall that I was able to run over with the invoices, and browse what they had in-store.

VS Dude: Hi, welcome to Victoria’s Secret. ::motions to the package in my arms:: Do you have an exchange for us?

Me: Yeah, I bought this online, but the top isn’t supportive at all!  I want to look around to see if I can find something.

VS Dude:  Well this stuff isn’t that supportive.  But we have stuff in the back.  You should check there.

Me: Ok cool, I’ll do that.  Do you mind hanging on to this package for me while I shop? (I figured I wouldn’t be as much of a shoplifting suspect if I wasn’t carrying a bikini around in a big empty mailing envelope.)

VS Dude: Uhhh.  Yeah no.  Will a bag work?

Me: Sure!

VS Dude: ::Disappears, never to be seen again::

So for the better part of an hour, I wandered throughout the Pink room in VS, and in this back room where all the big-boobed swimsuits hide out.  I wandered near and far.  And I found nothing.  Finally, I left in an angry huff, with no bathing suit, and feeling distinctly as though something was wrong with my body.

I know rationally that there’s nothing wrong with my body, but in those moments, I was really tempted to call a good plastic surgeon and let him or her just chop my chest down to a size that would fit a little better into a VS swimkini.  But, I’ve seen Botched, and I really shouldn’t have to hack my body, a body that can run 26.2 miles, lift, dance, and swim, to fit into a suit that rivals one I had when I was a flat-chested 12-year-old.

What I do need however, is to find a suit.  A suit that I can wear a S/M on the bottom, and like a DD on top.  Is that too hard to ask?

Where do you find your bathing suits, large-chested women? 



17 thoughts on “I almost started a bikini line yesterday…

  1. I rarely shop at Victoria’s Secret because they size their tops/bras small so that small chested women feel larger (brilliant marketing, I don’t blame them. plus who doesn’t love their dressing room lighting?! Can I get that in my house?) than they are and thus alienate the rest of the population that’s in the D+ range (thank you breastfeeding!). It’s extremely frustrating. I don’t know about their swimsuit selection, but aerie usually carries a larger size range and seems to be more “true to size” in my experience.

    1. I will have to check them out. It’s just so crazy because for a place that’s dedicated to boobs and boob stuff, it’s BIZARRE that they wouldn’t have anything in that range. The suit I got was embarrassing how small that top was!

  2. Look at Athleta’s bra sized line. Also, we’ll always hold your return while you shop! We LOVE our customers! PS…There’s a sale going on right now 😉

  3. Freya!!!! They make the cutest suits, in bra sizes, for well endowed ladies. I got a couple last summer and I love them. They are very supportive and were great for an active beach vacation with family. Order from her room.com, figleaves.com, or your other fave bra website.

    There is a great bra store out in Burlington, NC called A Sophisticated Pair that may have suits in stock. Regardless, look them up. They are a local store and absolutely fantastic.

  4. Kinda random, but my sister is built similarly to you and she likes H&M — their tops are sized by bra size and go up to an H. Good luck!

  5. Sorry you had a bad experience 😦 there are suits at VS to flatter DD-DDD but you have to know what you are looking for. The girls in the fitting room would have been able to help. Wish I was there and working when you were looking so I could have helped you! Shame on the employee that didn’t help you more.

    1. I wish you were there too. Granted, I am not the greatest when it comes to shopping, and I tend to quickly lose my patience the second something doesn’t go my way, but it was just not a great experience! I hope you are having a great time overseas!

  6. Athleta is the way to go! And they offer returns for any reason, no questions asked so if you wear the suit a few times and it doesn’t work out, you can still return it! And I really like the bras at Gap Body. Way better than the overly padded things at VS.

    1. Love love love it. I have an Athleta close to me, but I think I’ll opt to shop online, because it looked like the store close to me didn’t have a huge selection in the store.

    1. I am gonna have to make a stop at Target. Medium on the bottom, XL on top, and I should be good to go! I’m said, I had the cutest bathing suit from there, but it’s all faded from a couple of summers going on!

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