When it rains…

Firstly, my trashy television watching has hit an all-time new low. As I write this, I am watching this horrible, terrible show called ‘Party Down South’, which is like the country version of ‘Jersey Shore’. The clothes are much worse, the accents are much harder to understand, and one episode featured the girls taking their credit cards and going on a shopping spree…at Plato’s Closet. [Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Plato’s Closet, mind you, but generally when you think “shopping spree” Plato’s isn’t typically what comes to mind, right?]

Dead BatteryI told you guys last week that I rolled out of work one day, only to have to beg a jump off my boss, because my poor car wouldn’t start.

So we replaced the battery blah blah, and I went on my way.

Wellll isn’t it the case with cars, I scheduled an oil change on Saturday morning, and $669 later, yes, you read that correctly, I have spent the weekend without the car, and I will drive off with new brakes, new rotors, and god knows what else.  Also, one of the techs either drove my car around or accidentally dropped something on my hood because I am sporting a nice new dent on the front.

Blah.  I hate car stuff, and I’m really thankful to have Austin to tell me when it’s time to go in, or when he can just fix something himself, but I already am really trying to be a budget person, and it’s really freaking hard when something always seems to crop up and wipe you.

But oh well.  It’s certainly not the worst thing in the world to be without a car on the weekend of the 4th, right?  I swear, in our travels this past weekend, we saw no less than a million people pulled over for goodness knows what, so I’m taking this weekend as a time to save on gas, see what it might be like to share a car, should we ever be in a place where we need to do that, and hang out around the house, where lord KNOWS I have things to be getting done.

And at LEAST it’s not the transmission like it was with my poor old Taurus, right! $669 is WAY better than dealing with a whole new car 🙂

Anyone else having car troubles?  I hope not! 

8 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Oh no! Bummer about your car! But you’re right, I guess it could have been a lot worse. I don’t watch a TON of tv in the summer but I make sure to tune into the Bachelorette every Monday. And there’s something great about reality tv – maybe it makes me feel pretty proud of how my life turned out! 🙂

    1. I know! That show made me not feel so bad about crashing on the couch for like an hours after work yesterday! At least I wasn’t binge drinking and booty dancing at some seedy bar!

  2. Yes our Cadillac converter needs to be replaced! 1700 bucks! It needs other stuff too so it’s looking like a new car for this poor (literally) girl:/ soooo sorry to hear about your car, I hate spending money on that kind of stuff… Ugh!

  3. That sucks. But I agree, a new transmission would have been far worse.

    My car had been without AC for a year. Mostly because I was too afraid to take it to the shop. I thought my compressor was shot, which would have cost an upwards of $2,000.00 to fix. Thankfully it was just out of refrigerant. Thank God for big blessings!

    1. Omg I had this Taurus that was without AC for YEARS. It died on me over a year ago and a bought a new (to me) car that has great AC. It is a wonderful feeling to have some AC that works finally!

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