I stole this from Rhapsody and Chaos, and I liked it so well that I am gonna use it!

Reading: Orange is the New Black.  I have been trying to get this book finished forever, but with wedding planning, it’s been challenging to find time.  But I’ve tried to  make some relax time, and made some time at the pool last week, and am making some time for the pool on Friday.


Writing: This post – I’ve also played with the idea of writing a book on black women and working out, but that’s not even a thing until we get me married 🙂

Listening: To Dr. Phil.  Amber from Teen Mom is on there.

Watching: I guess Dr. Phil?

Thinking: About taking the day off on Friday so I can get some work done that I’m behind on at the house.

Smelling: The sunblock I use daily.  Sunblock has such a distinct smell.  It reminds me of summer.

Eating: I just finished a breakfast smoothie.  Berries, some Greek yogurt, and a little bit of orange juice.  Very yummy, but it’s very apparent I need a Vitamix.  I ate all the crunchy stuff in the beginning.

Wishing: My house was clean.  But I think the wish won’t work, I think I might actually have to clean it.

Hoping: That I get to straighten up the home tonight!

Wearing: A sports bra under a pretty work dress.  I couldn’t find a real bra this morning.  I really need to shop for a few real bras.

Craving: A cold glass of seltzer water.

Loving: Austin. My friends.  My pets.  Especially my Coco.  I talked to her this morning before work, and she just looked at me like “you’re really gonna leave me when we could be napping all day?”

Wanting: More hours in the day to run.  More hours in the day to clean.  And more hours in the day to craft.

Needing: All of the above.

Feeling: Happy.  Content.

Clicking: Myself on Women’s Running’s website.  You too can vote here!

What are you currently doing?

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