2 issues.

^^Anyone who knew who this group was before I shared their colorful video with you, please stop by, cause you got 10 points for Gryffindor.

Anyhoo, Happy Sunday.  As you read this, I’m enjoying brunch and a heavy does of day-drinking with some friends in honor of Austin’s 28th, plus we are sending some friends off.  They’re moving to South Carolina 😦

I will take loads of pictures of the brunch, which will include some Southern things so those of you reading from like, Canada will understand why the South has a serious problem with our weight.  Yeesh.

I have 2 issues I want to bring up.  And I’m not trying to be a complainy-no-friends, but both of these things are really needling me, and I need like, someone to rub my back over it.

1.  I am seriously looking for a summer bikini, and I’m overwhelmed.  I tried to go to the mall today, to Victoria’s Secret since my soon-to-be stepmother-in-law got me a giant gift certificate to VS.  It took me approximately 15 seconds to start to feel really overwhelmed with how overly perfume stinky the store was, and then I just turned around and got a diet lemonade and left.  But if anyone has any really good suggesions for a bikini, please send them my way, because I need one as it’s been 90 degrees at least every day here for the last week and a half.

2.  Secondly, I am sick and tired to DEATH of the coffee shops here in Raleigh.  Last week I was blogging from this hispter coffee shop in Raleigh from the outside, and was totally grossed out by how much cigarette smoke was out there.  Honestly it made me feel cranky and sick, and I totally hated it.  Today, I went back there, asked for two Splenda in my coffee, to which the barista pointed at a pile of Splenda across the way, but refused to put it in my cup before she brewed the espresso in it.

I’m sick of paying four bucks for a coffee to vicariously smoke a cigarette that makes me feel nauseated and have people be really mean to me.  I want to open a coffee shop one day I think.  Now that day won’t be fore 10 billion years, but I’d kinda like for it to happen and I will actually me nice to my customers and ask that smokers smoke not on the patio so that people can like, chill.

What are you up to on this balmy Sunday?

Oh, and please don’t forget to vote for me to be your cover chick!

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