Free cat!

Okay, I’m totally just kidding.

Sort of.

So I have this cat, Martin.  He’s young, and he’s orange, and super cute.  At least, I thought so.

So two nights ago, I was working on some stems for my button/brooch bouquets for the wedding, and after it got too late, I started putting things away to go to bed.

I shoulda known something was up, because Martin didn’t harass me to wake me up the next morning.

Here’s why.


This is what I woke up to.

I was late to work because I was crawling around on all fours, scooping buttons into a ziplock while Martin batted them around.  Ugh.  So free cat to a good home.  Or to a bad home really.

Totally kidding.  He’s staying, get your own cat.

What are you up to this Saturday?  Anyone racing this weekend? 

I’m on another photoshoot, teaching my Zumba class, lifting a bit, and headed to a graduation party!

2 thoughts on “Free cat!

    1. See I don’t know how you do it with two dogs! I had two for a while when we were fostering and it was SO much work. The foster was super high energy, and Coco is not so it was just a humongous mess!

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