Wedding Wednesday!!!

In case you’ve missed it, every Wednesday since I started taking the fact that I’m getting married seriously, I’ve been kind of updating you all with a kind of running update on what I’ve been working on.

Before we get into it, one word of advice for all brides to be.  

Or two, really.

Okay, just two for now.

  • Even if it seems silly, do things early.  You will mark on your calendar that you want to have this thing done by this time, and then you want to have this done by then, and this by then.  And then NONE of it will happen on your schedule.  Some of it will be your fault.  Most of it will be Murphy’s Law.  Like because you wanted your save-the-dates out by this time, the only truck in the world transporting the paper that you were going to print on will have crashed and all your paper burned up.  That is how it works.  As long as you  know that, you’re doing better than a WHOLE lot of other people.
  • People are going to try you.  Relatives will ask if they can fax their office about your event.  Friends of your parents will invite their pastor whom you’ve never met.  Somebody who isn’t in the party will pre-emptively complain about the food.  My advice?  Do like I’m doing and make sure you work out every day and take your self-care very very seriously.  When you do this, you mostly don’t care what it is that people say and you will stick to your guns.  Which is exactly why when my mother basically told me I was an idiot to consider a brooch button bouquet, I didn’t dissolve into a fit of tears.  Because I really have no energy to care.

Okay, that’s all my advice for now.  But seriously brides-to-be, if you have questions or anything, let me know.

So wedding updates!!! Woop woop!

I promised you all a big reveal on my save-the-dates, but some folks haven’t gotten theirs yet, so please, hang in there with me another day or two.

But at a little more than 3 months away, things are coming together.  Emails have been sent, checks have been cut, and now, in a lot of cases, it’s literally a matter of me taking my hands, and putting things together.  I am delighting in putting things together, and in my little trips to Etsy Store and Michaelsare quickly, quickly becoming the highlight of my week.

photo 1 photo 2


So this week, three pounds of buttons came to the house (finally!) and an additional 5 pounds of exclusively white, beige, pink, and nude buttons are coming, hopefully by the end of this week.

The brooch lady, Laura, is almost done pricing all my brooches, and I should have a full box of brooches in my possession, signed, sealed, and delivered on Friday.  That means this weekend, I will be making stems.  All.  Weekend.  Long.  But it will be fun!

Annnd I’m waiting to hear back on invites, which I want sent out that first week in June.

Lots of stuff going on! Lots and lots!  Brides-to-be, how is your wedding planning process coming? 

6 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday!!!

  1. You are doing A great job holding it together. It must be a real challenge planning an event so far in advance. Procrastinators like me will def have to change our bad habits before undertaking something so ambitious. That comment about your mom being less than enthusiastic about your bouquet and you not having energy to care, is FUNNY!

  2. Glad to hear things are coming along well! After reading your tips on wedding planning, I am so glad I went with a small beach destination wedding (I had like 13 people at the ceremony lol). I don’t know if I could have handled the stress that others bring in planning a wedding! You go girl!

  3. It really has the potential to be super stressful, but I truly take nada seriously and I care for myself so it’s been fine. But there are girls (some of whom I met at this bridal even in March) who are like starting to drink because they’re so stressed. Should NOT be the case, this is supposed to be fun!

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