Wedding Wednesday!!!

In case you’ve missed it, every Wednesday since I started taking the fact that I’m getting married seriously, I’ve been kind of updating you all with a kind of running update on what I’ve been working on.

Before we get into it, one word of advice for all brides to be.  

Or two, really.

Okay, just two for now.

  • Even if it seems silly, do things early.  You will mark on your calendar that you want to have this thing done by this time, and then you want to have this done by then, and this by then.  And then NONE of it will happen on your schedule.  Some of it will be your fault.  Most of it will be Murphy’s Law.  Like because you wanted your save-the-dates out by this time, the only truck in the world transporting the paper that you were going to print on will have crashed and all your paper burned up.  That is how it works.  As long as you  know that, you’re doing better than a WHOLE lot of other people.
  • People are going to try you.  Relatives will ask if they can fax their office about your event.  Friends of your parents will invite their pastor whom you’ve never met.  Somebody who isn’t in the party will pre-emptively complain about the food.  My advice?  Do like I’m doing and make sure you work out every day and take your self-care very very seriously.  When you do this, you mostly don’t care what it is that people say and you will stick to your guns.  Which is exactly why when my mother basically told me I was an idiot to consider a brooch button bouquet, I didn’t dissolve into a fit of tears.  Because I really have no energy to care.

Okay, that’s all my advice for now.  But seriously brides-to-be, if you have questions or anything, let me know.

So wedding updates!!! Woop woop!

I promised you all a big reveal on my save-the-dates, but some folks haven’t gotten theirs yet, so please, hang in there with me another day or two.

But at a little more than 3 months away, things are coming together.  Emails have been sent, checks have been cut, and now, in a lot of cases, it’s literally a matter of me taking my hands, and putting things together.  I am delighting in putting things together, and in my little trips to Etsy Store and Michaelsare quickly, quickly becoming the highlight of my week.

photo 1 photo 2


So this week, three pounds of buttons came to the house (finally!) and an additional 5 pounds of exclusively white, beige, pink, and nude buttons are coming, hopefully by the end of this week.

The brooch lady, Laura, is almost done pricing all my brooches, and I should have a full box of brooches in my possession, signed, sealed, and delivered on Friday.  That means this weekend, I will be making stems.  All.  Weekend.  Long.  But it will be fun!

Annnd I’m waiting to hear back on invites, which I want sent out that first week in June.

Lots of stuff going on! Lots and lots!  Brides-to-be, how is your wedding planning process coming? 

Diamonds Direct – “March” of the Brides.

I think I told you guys last weekend that I’d have to stop with these epic posts, detailing how awesome my weekend was, but I really, really can’t help it.  I have had a really beautiful set of weekends, and a beautiful new camera to photograph them on, so how can I not share them with you?

So, I’m not sure I told you guys but we got my beautiful engagement ring done by a beautiful local jeweler, when I could not find exactly what it was that I wanted at a lot of local stores, so in a large sense, I completely overlooked Diamonds Direct Crabtree.  But, I went ahead and signed up for their “March” of the Brides event on Saturday, and was picked for what ended up being a total fun, hysterical blast, and ended up being a really good way to network with other girls who were going through a lot of what I was going through.

“March” of the Brides

So after a ton of us brides in the area entered, 25 of us were selected to compete in the “March” of the Brides, which ended up being like a giant field day full of bridal themed activity with the potential of winning tons of free stuff for the big day!  Here are some of the amazing things we did that day!

DSC_0064We were greeted by breakfast, that was fully catered.  I didn’t go for anything much more than the fruit and water because my tummy was a little nervous about what we were about to do.  But not to worry, everyone was really, really super nice, and I really had nothing to worry about.

DSC_0065Funny enough, I ran into two friends (who are also getting married) there who had also gotten into the competition.  Laura, on the left, attended Elon University with me, and Kim, on the right is super fit, and teaches classes at the Y with me, and is a frequent shopper at Fleet Feet Raleigh.  Her husband is so so sweet, he carried my bags at one point when Austin was running around and taking photos for me.

DSC_0075Don’t we look positively bridely here?  That’s not a word, but I made it up.  The first even I did?  We had to fill up these champagne flutes and carry them across a finish line, kind of like a relay.  Everything was going really really well for me, until I dropped every single flute on top of myself.  Oh well!

DSC_0082Covered in water after my spill!

DSC_0089The second contest involved me dressing a mannequin fully in a tux and carrying him across the finish line.  I actually won this challenge.  And check out how good my little tush looks out in my Nike tights!

DSC_0095This one (and I absolutely adore this picture) involved us circling the differences between the two photos.  Heads up for the brides that get into the competition next year.  This one is probably the hardest one there is because our awesome photographer that organized this event is a whiz with photoshop and made the most subtle differences.  She was really sweet though!

DSC_0104The ring toss was cool, and the aim was to toss the rings into squares that would earn you the most points.  I did okay at this one, but the girl who went first beasted this event.  There’s gotta be a strategy to this…

DSC_0110Erica from a local morning show gave me a little time on the mic.

DSC_0114So I was laughing hysterically in this shot because the sweet bride from JMU threw her bouquet into the wind and it went the wrong way.  I laughed at that for literally 5 minutes.  I rocked this one, as did my friend from JMU.  I also found out that Peonies are $15/stem during their off season, so I’m gonna go ahead and let you know that we’re not going to have a single Peony at my wedding.

There was a cupcake eating contest.

DSC_0129 DSC_0130 DSC_0131 DSC_0132I approached this saying that I would not eat a cupcake because eating contests are gross and I ha to teach a Zumba class after, but my competitive spirit got the best of me and in 30 seconds, I successfully consumed 5 mini-cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.  They actually were really good, and I taught my class and ran yesterday without throwing up, so I’d consider that a win.

The verdict? 

There is nothing bad I can say about “March” of the Brides.  Diamonds Direct treated ups like VIPs, and the event was well-organized, and for those of use who weren’t familiar with certain vendors, it was a really nice treat to get familiar with photography services, flower shops, and food vendors around the area.  Plus the brides were really really nice to talk to and vent our wedding frustrations to.  Sign up next year, brides-to-be!

Wedding Wednesday! “March” of the Brides

I figured since the countdown is officially on, and since I’m actually going to need to buckle down to get us married in the next couple of months, I’d start this Wedding Wednesday thing to kind of keep me on track, and let you know how I’m doing with my progress on things.

But first, my our new camera.  But what’s ours is really mine, amirite?  Happy fiancée, happy Beyoncé, ya know what I mean?

So anyhoo, with the new camera fully charged out, I set out to shooting really important things.

DSC_0007Such as my very pissed off looking cat.  Whatever cat, I bathed you for the better part of the entire fall to rid you and my home of fleas, so I will shoot you all I want, and you will deal.  He’s also not that fat, the picture is not his best angle, but I will get there.

So besides taking pictures of any and everything I come across, I’m really starting to buckle down and get serious about this wedding thing.  The reason I’ve been a little slow to really really get started (besides the venue and the invite list and a few other things), is because we really just haven’t had time, and I want to do everything myself!  But now that I have a few weekends where I’m guaranteed to be at home, it’s time to start!  And here’s what we got!

  1. Save-the-dates.  I literally don’t care if you think save-the-dates (STDs for short, lol) are stupid, they’re the way that you introduce the idea of you guys getting married to the world plus they’re a good way for you to inform all of your out of town guests that something’s going down in a little less than 6 months.   You can’t send people in New York your invite 6 weeks before and expect them to hop in their cars and book a hotel in that short amount of time, okay?  So I went to the paper store, got a quote, and the fabulous Evane Corder is drawing me up a little something for us to get printed on the cards.  So that, and I want to send them out by the end of this month.  Hold me to that, okay?
  2. “March” of the Brides.  So Saturday, Diamonds Direct Crabtree has the coolest thing going on for us brides-to-be.  25 of us were picked to compete in fun games (for some reason, I’m envisioning field day games), and I will be down there, with the support of my husband-to-be, competing for prizes and freebies for the big day.  So, I am officially inviting anyone in the Raleigh area to bring a thermos full of mimosa, and watch be elbow other brides (jk!) so that we can win free stuff for our wedding!
  3. An invite list.  I’m finally really at peace with that, because at first, the idea of inviting folks and not forgetting anyone can be really really intimidating, but I’m at the point where I’m comfortable with those whom I’ve chosen to be a part of our special day.  I actually started to recognize that it’s about us and therefore, we can have people that we like there.  That’s a nice feeling!
  4. A dress!  My mom said she was gonna go ahead and order it tomorrow, and I wish I could show it to you but nah!  It’s a secret!  But I’m so essited for you to see it 🙂

Okay ladies getting married, link up in the comments and hashtag yo tweets.  It’s Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday