What’s your number?

When I read this yesterday, and I read the title I was like WHAT’S MY NUMBER?!  Nuh-uh honey that is no one’s business!  And as far as anyone is concerned, I am the Virgin Cheri, so it’s really a non-issue, but I was like “huh?!” Anyhoo, I got to reading a little further, and I love this post from my fellow bride-to-be, Samantha at It’s All in the Details, that I had to steal it for myself. You ready??


1 – the number of times I’ve been in love

Like 2.5  – the number of times I’ve thought I was in love

23 – our wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 – the number of siblings I have…my parents were busy bees. But I like big families, and I’m kinda like ehhh iffy about kids, but I’m either 0 or 5 kids. There really is no in-between for me.

2 – doggies! I have Coco, and I fostered the sweetest Beagle ever.  We were calling him Nelson, but I started just calling him Beagle toward the end of his stay.  I loved him, but he was so energetic, and he ate the strap off of my Rainbows, and then threw it up on the carpet later.


4 – my lucky number and the number of kids there are in my family.  Generally I like any number that’s has a perfect nice square root though.

1 – the number of countries I’ve lived in. My parents have both lived in two, however, and we would consider moving to a Spanish-speaking country.
IDK – The number of photos I have on my phone.  I just broke my phone, but I think it’s over 1,000 in the cloud.

Between 2k and 2500 – The number of calories I eat a day.  I teach a ton, and I think I could eat more, but for now I roughly stick to these many.

19, 600 – my tweet count (black people love Twitter, I don’t know what to say.)

33 – Unread emails.  Woops.  #sorrynotsorry

My clients steal them all – the number of pens on my desk.

Too many – the number of cities I’ve lived in.  I think my favorite is the Poconos in the summer time.

A million – the number of times I’ve moved.  My parents were move-a-holics.

2 – the number of degrees I have

116 – the number of days until we’re hubby and lady-friend! EEEP! That’s like 3 monthsish?

0 – the number of the game I cannot stop playing – not a gamer!

Tell me – what is still left on your to-do list to do?  

-Finishing up the budget that me and Austin did last night.

-Pay some bills.

-Shampoo the carpet because Coco had a dingleberry and rubbed it all over the damned carpet last night.

4 thoughts on “What’s your number?

  1. what a fun idea for a post 🙂 I have a million unread emails right now oops. and my wedding is in September but I don’t have a countdown of days. shouldn’t probably figure that out ha.

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