What’s your number?

When I read this yesterday, and I read the title I was like WHAT’S MY NUMBER?!  Nuh-uh honey that is no one’s business!  And as far as anyone is concerned, I am the Virgin Cheri, so it’s really a non-issue, but I was like “huh?!” Anyhoo, I got to reading a little further, and I love this post from my fellow bride-to-be, Samantha at It’s All in the Details, that I had to steal it for myself. You ready??


1 – the number of times I’ve been in love

Like 2.5  – the number of times I’ve thought I was in love

23 – our wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 – the number of siblings I have…my parents were busy bees. But I like big families, and I’m kinda like ehhh iffy about kids, but I’m either 0 or 5 kids. There really is no in-between for me.

2 – doggies! I have Coco, and I fostered the sweetest Beagle ever.  We were calling him Nelson, but I started just calling him Beagle toward the end of his stay.  I loved him, but he was so energetic, and he ate the strap off of my Rainbows, and then threw it up on the carpet later.


4 – my lucky number and the number of kids there are in my family.  Generally I like any number that’s has a perfect nice square root though.

1 – the number of countries I’ve lived in. My parents have both lived in two, however, and we would consider moving to a Spanish-speaking country.
IDK – The number of photos I have on my phone.  I just broke my phone, but I think it’s over 1,000 in the cloud.

Between 2k and 2500 – The number of calories I eat a day.  I teach a ton, and I think I could eat more, but for now I roughly stick to these many.

19, 600 – my tweet count (black people love Twitter, I don’t know what to say.)

33 – Unread emails.  Woops.  #sorrynotsorry

My clients steal them all – the number of pens on my desk.

Too many – the number of cities I’ve lived in.  I think my favorite is the Poconos in the summer time.

A million – the number of times I’ve moved.  My parents were move-a-holics.

2 – the number of degrees I have

116 – the number of days until we’re hubby and lady-friend! EEEP! That’s like 3 monthsish?

0 – the number of the game I cannot stop playing – not a gamer!

Tell me – what is still left on your to-do list to do?  

-Finishing up the budget that me and Austin did last night.

-Pay some bills.

-Shampoo the carpet because Coco had a dingleberry and rubbed it all over the damned carpet last night.

It’s time for another round of…

Weird, weird, weird stuff people search for my blog by.

For those of you new to this little game I play, it’s when I make fun of really weird stuff people search my blog by.  I can see it because some search engines will release that info to WordPress, and bless those who do.  Because it’s provided me with hours of endless entertainment.

Look, I’m not trying to embarrass anyone, but this is some good stuff.  Let’s explore!

Search Terms

  • is the way to spell shuga in the south sugar.  Did you seriously just ask that?  You think people spell things differently in the south?
  • carley swanson.  Who, if you’ll remember, guest blogged for me a while back.  Incredible runner.  Does not spell her name Carley.  Hey, Carly, you have a little admirer.
  • rub a chub. Whut? Ew.
  • hey its half off girl. Hey, I guess.
  • floppy boobs medium -huge -big. The boobs make a reappearance.
  • why do white people exercise too much. Lord.

And for the bizarre kicker, the one that kind of makes me question what you folks are into?

  • mel b toes.
  • I love you guys. Keep it up.