It’s time for another round of…

Weird, weird, weird stuff people search for my blog by.

For those of you new to this little game I play, it’s when I make fun of really weird stuff people search my blog by.  I can see it because some search engines will release that info to WordPress, and bless those who do.  Because it’s provided me with hours of endless entertainment.

Look, I’m not trying to embarrass anyone, but this is some good stuff.  Let’s explore!

Search Terms

  • is the way to spell shuga in the south sugar.  Did you seriously just ask that?  You think people spell things differently in the south?
  • carley swanson.  Who, if you’ll remember, guest blogged for me a while back.  Incredible runner.  Does not spell her name Carley.  Hey, Carly, you have a little admirer.
  • rub a chub. Whut? Ew.
  • hey its half off girl. Hey, I guess.
  • floppy boobs medium -huge -big. The boobs make a reappearance.
  • why do white people exercise too much. Lord.

And for the bizarre kicker, the one that kind of makes me question what you folks are into?

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