I can’t believe it! 200!

I started this blog back in like December, as a part of my fundraising project for Haiti.  And 3 big races, and nearly a year later, we’re still going strong! 200 posts, and someone is still reading my nonsense. Who woulda thunk?

So onto the good stuff!

So here is the blog of my friend, Ghenet P, who actually was a resident of mine in a beautiful, all-girls dorm at Elon University, which, if some of yous are looking for a small, beautiful liberal arts school, you should super check it out.  If you think I’m awesome, you haven’t met some of the folks down at Elon.

So anyhoo, Ghenet reached out to me a little while back to ask how should she start running.

I know Perez is rude, stop judging me.

Totally fair, and totally legit question. My sister actually asked me the same a few days after Ghenet did. Anyhoo, for anyone of you that’s seriously thinking about starting to run, allow to to expand on the answer I gave Ghenet in an effort to seriously bring you guys over the our side.

So if you’re thinking about running, make it simple.  You don’t have to start with fancy gear or fancy shoes, (though the shoes are SO important), but here’s a good, simple way to start.

  • Do you have a goal in mind?  Like is there a race or something that interests you?  Are you trying to shed some college weight?  Are you just interested in changing up your fitness routine?  Okay, sweet, so you’re visualizing what you want.  So if it’s a race, sign up!  Etc etc.  I mean, you get what I’m saying right?
  • Put on your shoes and your socks, and a good bra, ladies.  Fancy running stuff is great.  And something that you should definitely look at, for shoes.  But for just starting off, I think it’s important not to get hung up on fancy watches and tops and things, unless you’re really into that.  For me, I was always really intrigued with the idea of running, so I kind of just started, and the fancy stuff (which is REALLY useful, I’m not going to downplay that) came later.
  • Intervals.  Ghenet, I sort of forgot to mention this to you to make your life easier, but you seem like you’re doing okay on your own 🙂 but if you’re like super new to working out, or you’re kind of high-risk in any sense of the word (recently recovering from an injury, new to working out, prone to damage), intervals are a great way to build up the strength and endurance to run for 30 or 40+ minutes straight.  The easiest way to do it, if you run with music is to design a plan for yourself.  Run two songs, walk one.  Or run one song, walk two, and shorten the intervals until you’re doing substantial distance straight.
  • Don’t sell yourself short.  I do this all the time.  I mean, I look like a supermodel, but I don’t always give myself the credit I deserve, ya know?  I kid, I kid.  But don’t underestimate your capabilities to run whatever event you want.   You want to run a marathon?  I bet you can.  Like, train and stuff, don’t just sign up for one next weekend, but just cause you’ve never like done something like that before doesn’t mean you can’t start.

So, I thank you guys for sticking with me for 200, and here’s to like 2 million more!  If you guys are lucky, I’ll write you a book, that way you never have to be without my wise words, right?  Black Bethanny Frankel over here!

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