Thankful on this final day of fundraising.

Today is the last day that I’m fundraising for Mercy Corps.  Every mile I’ve run, all the posts I’ve written, all the networking I’ve done, has all led up to this.

I am blown away by the response I’ve gotten from you all.  And I’m not just talking donations (even though they’ve been really really nice).  I’m talking the messages, emails, news stories, features, and willingness of everyone to chip in and lend a hand.  I just say thank you for all your help and support.

I’ll keep this short, and say that I’ll top off today with a short 4-5 miler to finish us out, and then we’re done with this project.

And by popular demand, the blog will live!  I originally had intended for it to wrap up like the project, but let’s face it, I’m dang good at what I do 🙂

No really, I really just like doing this and would be honored if you’d keep reading.  Thank you again, folks. Xoxo.

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