I hope feet don’t gross you out…

But feet are sort of important when you’re running.  And pedicures should be part of everyone’s marathon training.

Weird things can happen to your feet when you’re training.  Warts (ick, from the gym!) Blisters.  Callouses. The dreaded bunion (and women are like 70% more likely to develop a bunion than men are…so unfair, right?).

So long story short, it’s super important to care for your feet.  Getting a shoe fitting at a legit store (not a big-box sporting goods place) is invaluable.  And I wouldn’t necessarily trust those sites where they tell you to enter your info in and they generate a shoe.  You need to have someone fit you, and it’s important to try things on, to let a trained staff member evaluate whether you’re in the right shoe, and take it from there.

In addition (and read no further if feet make you gag, okay?)….


If you’re training for something, whatever it may be, treat yourself to a pedi.  You can ask them to leave the callouses you think you’ll need, but it’s nice after a long run to have someone else rub your feet.  (And check out this color!  Ain’t bad, right?)

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