I am a genius!

I am a genius!

First and foremost, everyone wave to my mother ::waves:: who is an avid reader! Hello mother!

Plain and simple, I am a genius. I don’t know why I’m sitting here in Raleigh, and not at my MENSA meetings, but it is what it is. Consider yourselves lucky to be in my midst.

So I had to quickly run before work. (Side note, one of my New Years Resolutions should have been to stop dawdling – I can waste time looking up Wikipedia facts like a PRO). And I wanted to take my iPhone with me so I could listen to Katy Perry Pandora. Duh.

Well my phone doesn’t necessarily fit in my iTouch arm band, and it bounces around in my hydration belt so what to do? I put in my Tune Belt that I wear for the mic when I teach Zumba, and I’ll be darned if that was not the best invention idea I have ever had! Didn’t bounce, didn’t make my waist all sweaty, and I was able to enjoy Katy and friends for like an hour! Boom.

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