30 Days of Thanks

So, I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in the negative.  I’m a total social media junkie – I have an account on almost everything that there is to have, and it’s apparent – folks can usually go in one of two categories.  Humble braggarts (OMG my 17-month old totally just yelled at me in Spanish! WHAT! Jaja looks like those Spanish lesson are totally paying off! #blessed) or complainers (Are you EFFING kidding me I get to the front of the line in Starbucks and the rude whore behind the counter tell me they’re no longer serving RICE KRISPIES TREATS.  Day. Officially.  Ruined.  No one talk to me ever again.).

I try to fall into neither, and I do my fair share of humble bragging.  And to be totally fair about that, I work at the gym (part-time), and I work at fat camp.  So a lot of my tweeting/Facebooking/IGs/Snapchats may be workout of food related.  But I’ll admit it.  It happens.  So have me arrested.

So over the next 30 days, I’m gonna do my best to cut out the complaining.  Can’t guarantee you that about the humble bragging, so bye.  But we’re going to do 30 days of Thanks.  And we are gonna THANK. IT. UP.


First day.  This one’s easy. It’s my brother’s 18th birthday.

FamilyBrother (Derek Jr.) is the tall one standing next to me.  I can’t believe it’s been 18 years, cause I totally remember the night before he was born (Halloween) and just staring out the window because my mother (understandably so) couldn’t take us trick-or-treating.  I honestly can’t remember if we ever got to trick-or-treat, but I do remember my brother was born the next day.  I’m thankful for him!  I’m thankful for family.  Some people don’t have that.  So for family, and for my brother on his 18th, I am thankful.  What are you thankful for?


I am a genius!

I am a genius!

First and foremost, everyone wave to my mother ::waves:: who is an avid reader! Hello mother!

Plain and simple, I am a genius. I don’t know why I’m sitting here in Raleigh, and not at my MENSA meetings, but it is what it is. Consider yourselves lucky to be in my midst.

So I had to quickly run before work. (Side note, one of my New Years Resolutions should have been to stop dawdling – I can waste time looking up Wikipedia facts like a PRO). And I wanted to take my iPhone with me so I could listen to Katy Perry Pandora. Duh.

Well my phone doesn’t necessarily fit in my iTouch arm band, and it bounces around in my hydration belt so what to do? I put in my Tune Belt that I wear for the mic when I teach Zumba, and I’ll be darned if that was not the best invention idea I have ever had! Didn’t bounce, didn’t make my waist all sweaty, and I was able to enjoy Katy and friends for like an hour! Boom.