New Years Resolutions

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my mother, who will kill me if I post her age or a photo of her here on a public forum. Rest assured, she is an attractive lady…I didn’t make these good looks on my own knowwhatimsayin?

Then, Happy Independence Day to Haiti! We gained our independence 208 years ago from France! Woop woop! And onto New Years!

I’m not sure how I feel about things like New Years Resolutions.

I think it’s because I thrive and succeed on setting little baby goals for myself, and then accomplishing them in a matter of weeks or months. It’s how I started running and working out and losing weight, and that’s what I’ve found works for me. When I set huge, elaborate goals, I feel like I may be setting myself up for failure, so I set them, and then break them down so I can check on how I’m doing in a month or so. It’s how I’ve gotten better at almost everything I’m good at.

So my baby goals for 2013?

1. Spanish! I’m super annoyed I didn’t learn it as a child, because it makes communicating very difficult and I think my adult brain is far too dense to be conjugating verbs. Nevertheless, it’s something that needs to be done. I think it’s absolute ignorance that I have not done so already.
2. Positivity.  I can be extremely sarcastic, and a few years ago, a friend of mine interpreted that as me “always being angry”.  I made a conscious effort to, even when I’m not feeling like it, say nice things.  I try not to text, Tweet, or Facebook nasty or negative things, and I try to smile a lot more.  I promise, it has made the hugest difference in my happiness.  I’d like to continue on that path.
3. And finally…drumroll please? Housekeeping.  I am the worst housekeeper on the face of the planet.  That’s not to say that my apartment looks like a pigsty, it’s just to say I have to move mountains to keep it clean.  I’m like every normal person not featured on Hoarders, I like things neat, smelling fresh, and orderly, but to keep in that way is a feat of titanic proportions.  And then I have these friends like Alexa and Kelly, and you walked into their duplex any time of the day and it looked gorgeous and always smelled wonderful.  Jealous.  I’d like to work more at maintaining order around my home.

What’s your New Years resolution?

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