Photo Dump


I think it’s time for a photo dump, so you see where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  I’ve struggled a little bit with writing the past few days for the sole reason that I’ve been a little frustrated with some bits of my work and not necessarily like it’s okay to write about it.

One thing I’ve come to realize (that I think is okay to write about).  There are some people in life who truly feel that their lives and their problems eclipse yours and everyone else’s.  It’s astounding, and even more so when it comes from people who should be a lot more self-actualized than I am at my age.

Ok, so photo dump.


I’ve taken on teaching Body Pump. I went through training (again) back in November. I submitted and passed my video, and have been teaching this particular format once or twice a week. The hardest thing is memorizing the choreo at the beginning of the release. I have had a few early mornings where choreography has completely flown out of my head, and I’ve had to make do. Lots of practice! And weight lifting has been really good for me!


This is completely counter intuitive, but I went to the local doughnut shop after I taught my class last Thursday morning. I’d only been once since it opened since I don’t want to get into the habit of going there nonstop, but I went, and got a raspberry jelly and this hash browny thing. Really good. Can’t be a habit.


Since the snowpocalypse, Austin and I have been really bad about, on weekends, staying in and watching Netflix and not really socializing. Not his fault at all. It’s all I’ve wanted to do. But I forced myself to go out and socialize over Pho. I should have gone here when I was suffering with a lingering cold a few weeks ago.


We went to a nursery this weekend. A few weeks ago, before the snow, Austin built some raised garden beds, as he’s been really interested in growing peppers. I want to partake, so I bought some flowers, and we will do some flowers, some tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. Some of the things we will start inside, and transplant after the last frost.  Which according to the groundhog, shouldn’t be too much longer, but I’m hearing something about a Polar Vortex again?  What is that?

What are you up to on this hump day?

Snow Day(s)!

One really neat thing about North Carolina and southward.  When it snows (or ices) here, everyone (rightfully) freaks out, and sometimes, we get a snow day!

Let me back up.  If you’re one of those super obnoxious people who’s like “I live in New York and we don’t freak out over a few inches of ice/snow, I want to say this to you.

Congratulations.  You are better than people in the South.  You are smarter, and more wonderful, and your handling of snow and ice is absolutely more appropriate, making you superior to our kind.  Feel good?  Okay.  Annnd before you cuss me out in the comments, I’m a native New Yorker who very much enjoys my snow days.  I’ll take ’em!

Throughout last week, we got reports of a weather event by the end of the week, but we weren’t really sure what it was.   Every since Snowpocalypse ’14, where we actually did handle significant snowfall pretty poorly, resulting in folks be stranded on the roads for 6+ hours, I think we’ve done a better job of heeding predictions, and dismissing folks from school/work in a fashion that doesn’t put folks at risk for accidents and being stuck on the road on account of work or school.

So as the reports came in, we listened, and finally, on Thursday evening, I got up with my boss’s boss (boss was pushing off to go on vacation), and we agreed that she would contact us after the branch closed with some updates.  But by about 8pm, the area’s public school system had already called school, so that was a decent sign to us that we needed to assess for the morning.  We decided to close for at least the early morning.

When we woke up on Friday, there was a light dusting with a layer of ice over it, and it was pretty clear that it made no sense to, at least from my end, require instructors to come in when we could be putting them at risk.  We decided to close on Friday based on deteriorating conditions.

Wanna know what I did all day?

  • Sent a few emails.
  • Slept.
  • Showered.
  • Went to Food Lion to pick up a few things that we could eat for dinner.
  • Watched Bob’s Burgers on Netflix.
  • Did not run 😦 (which I was kind of bummed about)

Saturday was very much of the same except the ice layer was thicker. We had a few guests since power was out at my brother’s and we sort of hunkered down while the lights and heat flickered.

Some freeze on a bush in front of our house.  Very pretty, but a little scary once ice gets high up, weighs down trees, and shuts down power.  

Again, I didn’t get a chance to work out, and I’m really bummed about that. I’m hoping to sneak into the gym for a little while for a short run followed by some time on the bike so my body doesn’t forget what fitness is, and I don’t die when I teach my classes next week. Eesh!

So, what’s the weather at your house like?  Let me know if it’s warm, cold, freezing, and tell me if you’re enjoying any time off of work!

The Bachelor

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.  I absolutely did slip on the ice yesterday leaving my job.  Now, as I was slipping, I felt it happening and didn’t even trying to resist it, just let myself flop on the ground.  THAT is how you do it, ladies and gents.  That’s my bit of helpful advice as this entire country freezes over, just let it happen, and you’ll be okay.

The Batch

So I am the kween queen of trashy television, and I have been since I was a teenager, and The Real World was a thing.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually desired to be on reality telly, because in my mind, there’s some stuff that needs to stay private, however, I have enjoyed it.  But I truly have not watched the Bachelor in it’s entirety in years.  But one of the girls who works in my office definitely watches it, and we seem to relate really well over my love of reality telly, so I thought, hey, let’s DVR this and catch up when I’m working on the blog at night!

And I can’t look away.

There are so many questions I have as it relates to The Bachelor. 

  • Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey.  What in God’s name is the matter with Kelsey?  Why does she think she’s better than the rest of the girls?  Why didn’t one of the producers provide her with some Roc Retinol for under her eyes knowing full well that she would be on camera?  Why does she cut her hair like a 40-year-old woman? (Shoutout to the 40-year-olds, but we don’t need the mom cut until we are in fact, moms.)  Is she actually a widow?  Who would marry her?  Why is she so grouchy when Chris isn’t around?  How come she thinks just because she threw around the word “amass” one time, she’s a MENSA candidate?  Why did she fake a panic attack for?  Does she know it’s not cute to make a mockery of people who actually have experience with those?  Listen, anyone who fakes anything really isn’t to be trusted.

Panic Attack

  • How do the girls drink constantly?  They are not fat.  I drank nonstop the week of my wedding and gained like 90 pounds in a day.  How?!  Are they working out off-camera?  We also NEVER see them eating so, maybe they just eat green beans and things.
  • Why do these girls wear so much makeup?  I am strictly a BB Cream, mascara, and eyeliner (on a great day), type of lady, so it’s actually really alarming to see girls with lipstick, highlights, eyelashes, eyebrow pencils.  What do you really look like?  Maybe I’m just jealous…


  • Why is everyone crying all the time?  All the time.  I have cried over two boys, one of whom I was involved in a dysfunctional relationship with.  Why are you crying over someone you don’t know?!

Are you following the Bachelor?

Random schtuff.


I’m back to civilization, and while I absolutely loved my visit with my parents, I am super glad to be back.  I missed my honey, and my cat, and hanging out with my frands.

You guys ready for some Wednesday randomness?

  • First and foremost, I am so freaking sick of winter weather.  I mean, how much more can we take?  I have run so many miles on a treadmill this year that I am sick of every single song, and every single movie I’ve been watching all winter.  But hey, at least I have a warm bed to sleep in at night. 
  • How cute is this Sweaty Band?  I wore it for a few hours while I taught/grabbed a quick dinner from Whole Foods tonight and I got compliments on it (those are mustaches on it, in case you can’t tell).  But not to fear, we’ll be having a little Sweaty Band giveaway really really soon 🙂
    photo 4
  • This dinner from Whole Foods tonight. 

photo 3I could not muster the energy to cook anything tonight. So I grabbed this cup of carrot ginger soup, a beer, and grabbed some extra soup for lunch tomorrow.  It’s SO good.  If you have it at your WF, totally grab some (as long as you’re into spices – the ginger really really spices this thing up.)  Heat it up super super hot, and it is amazing 🙂

  • photo (24)This horrid creature has taken residence on my ceiling.  I’m too grossed out to do anything to him, and he’s disappeared now, so I’m really just hoping with all my heart that he hasn’t fallen into my hair.
    photo 1
  • Lily Allen has further proved how amazing she is by donning this Yonce belt.  I’m still extremely bitter that Bey only felt the need to release Partition, but I think I’ll manage to get over it somehow.
  • This Geico commerical. 

Almost as good as the Dikembe Mutombo commerical from last year. But still pretty good 🙂

Tell me something random about your Wednesday!  

Runner Pop Quiz

Happy Thursday afternoon, beautiful people!  Hope your runs are going well.  Mine are good, save for a little bit of a stuffy nose and a sore throat that I’ve been nursing.  But this hot and cold weather is good weather for getting sick in, right?

Anyhoo, remember pop quizzes?  I think the last one that I took was in religion sophomore year in college and the joke was on Tripp York cause I actually did the reading.   And I can actually recall what the reading was about – about Disney.  Scary.

So I stole this pop quiz from J at Skinny Chick Blog, but she said we could steal it, and she’s a runner too.  I kept the pink font in her honor.  Onto the quiz!  

1.  What weather do you refuse to run in?

I refuse to run when it’s icy out.  We don’t do ice too often here, the sidewalks never get cleared, and as someone who has (very painfully) broken a bone before, I have no interest in doing it again.  

2.  What distance is your “short” run?

My short run is this like, 3 miles loop through downtown Raleigh.  I think Jillian Michaels said one that 3 miles is what you need to stay fit, and I’ve always taken that to heart.  I always have 30 minutes to pop a 3 miler in.  

3.  How do you stay hydrated while running?  Water fountain, carry your own etc.

I carry my own, and sometimes stop at coffee shops and the Whole Foods to fill up my little bottle.  I haven’t worn my backpack in a long time, and I’m just not yet in the mood to wear it.  Handheld it is!  

4.  Music or no music?

Usually music.  Sometimes not if I need to be alone with my thoughts.  

5.  Do you ever run nekkid?  {Without GPS, not literally silly}

Sometimes. When I forget to charge my watch.  But I love it.  

 6.  What is the first thing you do after a run?

Grab some water, and walk the dog, since I know she’s usually been waiting on me for a while.  

7.  What’s your favorite running shoe ever?

You know what?  I’m kind of in a shoe rut.  I work for Fleet Feet, and I have every running shoe at my disposal, and I was a Brooks girl,  I’ve been a Brooks girl for a while.  But here’s me here….



In a NB (and the review is coming soon!) and I’m still not sure which way I’m gonna go with shoes.  I’m running a half in March, and a full and a half April, and I need to figure it out ASAP, cause I don’t want to be without toenails!

8.  Do you make deals with yourself to finish a tough run?  What are they?

I think usually I just think about food and Austin to get me through the run.  I think about pasta, beer, toast, wine, beer, and my husband-to-be when I’m toward the tail end of a long run.

9.  Two things you can not run without besides kicks?

A good bra.  There’s nothing better than a good bra.  




10.  Running has helped me ___________.

Be confident in myself – who I am, my skills, my abilities.  I wouldn’t have had the balls to do a lot that I have in my life without running.  

11.  Are you following a training plan?  If so, what does your weekly routine look like?

I’m following the Hanson method.  Sunday I run long (but not longer than like 16). Monday I run 5, Tuesday a speed run that’s been adding up to like 8ish miles the last few weeks, Wednesday I take a break, Thursday I run 8 fast, Friday I run 5 easy, Saturday I run 5 easy and then I do it all over again.  Mama is TIRED, mmkay!

12.  Be honest, do you regularly stretch + foam roll post run?

I stretch.  And I foam roll a few times a week, but definitely not as much as I should.

So how’d you do on the pop quiz?  Feel free to lift it, answer one or two of these, or just drop in and say hi to me!


New reads! #runchat

I swore, after my last marathon, during which I sobbed and vomited miles 18-26.2, that I would not run another marathon until after we got married.  One, because of the sheer volume of time I had to dedicate to training (most Sundays were dedicated to running), and two, because of the misery that vomiting during a race could potentially bring.  I really wanted to focus on wedding stuff and wedding planning (which is a total blast, ps, and I’ll fill you guys in as I do more stuff).

So anyways, fast forward to December, where everyone is talking about their spring races.  And I literally have this disease called FOMO (fear of missing out), and I almost can’t stand not running a race during spring race season when everyone else is running around having their fun.

Also, I think I’m addicted to the feeling when you finally cross the finish line.  I’ve only crossed a marathon finish line twice, and I’m not sure I’m ready to hang the shoes up until after I become a Mrs.

Basically, I’m seriously toying with the idea of doing Rock n’ Roll in Raleigh.  

If I do this, and that’s a big friggin’ IF, I need to do this right.  Like I absolutely refuse to get sick and cry though another race.  Not gonna happen.



Insert new reads here.  A friend PR’d at Chicago using this method.  I’m not sure that I’m going with this method – there are a TON of miles a week as opposed to regular marathon training, and it is definitely something I need to fully commit to.  But I’m very interested in the book in general, and super excited to tell you guys what I learn.

What do you guys think?  I’m getting married in August, should leave plenty of time to profusely apologize to my spouse for neglecting him between January and April.  What do you think – can this marathon be done? 

Time to have some fun! #runchat

In the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter answer me this.

What should I think about on tomorrows long beautiful run? I’ll do my best do think about it and address it in a little post next week.  

The first order of thinking business will be about food.  That’s all I’ve got so far. 

Adventures in Asheville

So, to make this crazy week even crazier, I headed up to Asheville, or more specifically, Marshall NC for a bachelorette gathering at a cabin.  I tried to record everything, at the very least, with my eyes so I could bring it to you.  You’ll feel like you were there gurl!  Werq!  So after a super stressful week, and a loooong rainy drive by my lonesome, I rolled into the Asheville area…and promptly got lost.  So I had to stop somewhere to get directions right?  I stopped at a gun shop, a GUN SHOP, for directions.  And  though I was frightened out of my mind, and stuck out like a sore thumb (I was wearing a bright pink printed dress, and everyone in the gun shop was smoking cigs and wearing camo everything,) they were the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Because of how remote the area was, my cell phone and my GPS wasn’t working, and the folks at the gun shop (?!) looked up the cabin on the computer, and offered to lead me to where it was.  But I found it!  And look how cute it was!

cabin 1
Cedar Creek Cabin. Look it up! It’s rentable!!

We spent the first night hanging out, talking, and sitting in the hot tub (which felt amazing on my hip flexors, which for any of you who run, know can get horrifically tight). I couldn’t pass up a run in Asheville, and I woke up the next morning, totally ready to bust out a few miles and explore the area around me. My first issue though? Asheville is freezing in comparison to Raleigh, and I had to layer on top. No big though, I trained in the dead of winter. So I piled on the clothing, and began my trek up the mountain.


You guys saw this the other day. But I’m reposting. This stopped me in my tracks as I ran up this windy two-lane.

cabin 4

I headed up, I headed down, and tried to get some of that fresh mountain air as deeply down into my lungs as I could. I was hoping to absorb some of the calm of the mountain. Fun fact.  Everyone lives in teeny cabins adorned with “No Trespassing  signs.  Can anyone tell me why this is?  But seriously, if you’re in Asheville, definitely run.  It’s stunning.  It’s calming.  It’s just what I needed.

cabin 6

Wine!!!! We hit up the wine shop, and it had a nifty machine that allowed us to taste a bunch of stuff.

cabin 2

This is the Bridal Party! (We’re a progressive group, if you’re wondering about a guy being there. Andrew’s been with us since the beginning.)  He’ll probably be in mine, too.

cabin 5

That’s the bride on the far right.

Asheville was gorgeous.  Not only that, we ate some delicious food, and I’m pretty sure that the food was the best part about the entire city.  We hit the Laughing Seed First, an establishment with incredible veg options.  It’s wonderful to see that vegetarian food can actually be prepared so that it has incredible flavor.  And that’s not super hard to find, however, it’s a common misnomer that vegetarians only eat beans and grass.  Not so.  You can’t go wrong with anything on that menu.  Check them out here. also hit the Blackbird Restaurant for dinn, and again, I was blown away by how they could shove so much flavor in a cup of soup.  Again, you can’t go wrong.  Hit them here.  (My only complaint with that last place is the bird decor.  I find birds to be terrifying.)

Finally, I don’t know why life does this to you.  But I’ve been talking myself out of getting a dog until I have more space for years now.  Years.  So we’re walking around downtown Asheville, and this dog on a blue leash just looks out me.  I instinctively crouched to pet him, and began talking to him in the voice I reserve for my pets.  “Hiiiii babe!!”.  He jumped into my arms and gave me in the biggest, sloppiest kiss I’ve ever had.  And I loved it.  So the woman walking him goes, “He’s up for adoption!  I’m just walking him right now!”  So what do I do?  His name is Zach, and I’m pretty sure he wants me to be his mom.  Ugh.  Decisions.

cabin 6

Okay, so enjoy my pics, and next time you’re in Asheville, take a run, take me with you, and pick up Zach and bring him home to Mama!

Being nice to a stranger turned out awesome!

Sometimes it’s tempting to be a grouchy pain in the butt, but I (and I hope I’m not the only one), sometimes have to remind myself that being a grouchy pain isn’t any fun, and that I need to be sweet, because everyone deserves that.

The other morning, a woman walked into work with a cane, looking to be fit for a pair of sneakers.  We got to chatting on the fit stool, and as it turned out, she’d battled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and she was dealing with a flare-up of sorts, and had been using the cane for a month.  We chatted for a while, because CFS is similar in its manifestation to Fibromyalgia, which my mother has struggled with for years.  So we found her a pair of shoes, and we looked for shirts that would be a nice fabric for her to be able to wear when her CFS was flaring up.  Took like 30 or 40 minutes out of my day, and I thought nothing of it.

As I was helping her find a few things, I’d gotten cold, so I’d pulled a Nike hooded half-zip jacket off the rack, and wore it around while we poked around for some things for her to wear.  She’d complimented the color.

So a few days later, I roll into work, and there was a bag with my name on it.  Inside the bag was a jacket, and a note for the name of a specialist who may be able to help my mom.  And the jacket.  Wow.  Whoa.

Sister to my Nike Element Full Zip, this is the Nike Element Hooded Half-Zip. Still warm and fuzzy on the inside, plus an adorable hood you can pull over to protect from a light rain or wind. This one isn’t going to protect you from wind as well as the full-zip, but it seems like it may retain heat just a little bit better.

Beside the fact that the jacket is warm, cute, and has the most adorable little hood thing on top, I’m going to wear this around as a reminder to be nice, even when you don’t feel like it. Not because people will buy you jackets, which is totally cool too, but because clearly, our chat meant enough to this kind lady to return to the store, go out of her way, and take time to put a smile on my face. At any rate, send a lot of good vibes her way, so we can get her back running like she wants to do 🙂