Random schtuff.


I’m back to civilization, and while I absolutely loved my visit with my parents, I am super glad to be back.  I missed my honey, and my cat, and hanging out with my frands.

You guys ready for some Wednesday randomness?

  • First and foremost, I am so freaking sick of winter weather.  I mean, how much more can we take?  I have run so many miles on a treadmill this year that I am sick of every single song, and every single movie I’ve been watching all winter.  But hey, at least I have a warm bed to sleep in at night. 
  • How cute is this Sweaty Band?  I wore it for a few hours while I taught/grabbed a quick dinner from Whole Foods tonight and I got compliments on it (those are mustaches on it, in case you can’t tell).  But not to fear, we’ll be having a little Sweaty Band giveaway really really soon 🙂
    photo 4
  • This dinner from Whole Foods tonight. 

photo 3I could not muster the energy to cook anything tonight. So I grabbed this cup of carrot ginger soup, a beer, and grabbed some extra soup for lunch tomorrow.  It’s SO good.  If you have it at your WF, totally grab some (as long as you’re into spices – the ginger really really spices this thing up.)  Heat it up super super hot, and it is amazing 🙂

  • photo (24)This horrid creature has taken residence on my ceiling.  I’m too grossed out to do anything to him, and he’s disappeared now, so I’m really just hoping with all my heart that he hasn’t fallen into my hair.
    photo 1
  • Lily Allen has further proved how amazing she is by donning this Yonce belt.  I’m still extremely bitter that Bey only felt the need to release Partition, but I think I’ll manage to get over it somehow.
  • This Geico commerical. 

Almost as good as the Dikembe Mutombo commerical from last year. But still pretty good 🙂

Tell me something random about your Wednesday!  

Can I shop in peace?

I taught a class yesterday morning, like I always do on Saturday mornings, and then headed into Fleet Feet Raleigh to moonlight for the weekend (which I love doing btws).

I ran after class, so I was smelling extra ripe, so I decided to jump in the shower after class to spare my coworkers the pain and suffering of having to smell me for 5 or 6 hours.

This is all to say, I wasn’t looking particularly fine on Saturday afternoon.

Midway through the afternoon, I headed to the mecca for health-conscious 20-somethings, moms with tattoos, and people who smell like patchouli.



And I was ordering my pizza sandwich, the sandwich that I eat when I’m feeling like pizza but when I know I don’t need it, when this short sorta frumpy guy sidled up to me.

“Just cause you pretty doesn’t mean you can hold up the line.”

[Polite laughter]

“So what do you order?”

I told him with a polite smile glued to my face.

“So what are you, some type of vegan or something?”

And then his creepy friend rolled up and smiled in a creepy fashion.

“Are you a student athlete?” [He looked my body up and down.]

And the conversation went like this, me politely laughing and trying to ignore Dumb and Dumber whilst they looked my body up and down, a body that, I might add, was barely showered and not looking its best.

I can not express to you how painful it was to get looked up and down while I just tried to order my sandwich.  Seriously.  Can anyone else empathize with me? Can I shop in peace?