The invite list.

We’re coming up on over a month of being married, and as I’ve stated again and again, being married is amazing.  It’s like before when we were dating, but even better.

On Thursday night last week, our wedding photos, courtesy of Blest photography came in the mail, and I’ve spent the last few days looking through 900 amazing photographs again and again.  I’m debating how to share this with you all, if at all, but here’s a little taste for you guys, one of my favorite photos of the day.

At this moment, Cole had just asked us if we minded playing around in the tobacco for a while.  Of course we didn’t, and Austin helped me pick up my dress and sort of frolic in the field.

But I’m getting distracted.

Let’s talk invites.

So I’ve hopped around the wedding thing a lot, trying to give you the best info.  But since I’ve just gone through it and my sister is going through it (she’s doing a wedding reception with her husband in December), and it’s something that is the source of a lot of grief.

Who the heck do you invite to your wedding?  Who don’ t you invite? How do you keep from insulting folks?

This is something we went through – I have a large family, and my parents got married in the 80s, when a lot of times, your parents would invite whomever they wanted, and you, the couple-to-wed, has very little say in who is invited.

Things have changed since then, so here are a few rules when you’re trying to figure out who you invite.

  • Immediate family.  Duh.
  • Friends.  Invite folks that you would invite to your housewarming.  Do not invite frenemies.  You don’t need negativity on your day.
  • Work people.  For my small, more intimate job at Fleet Feet, I invited everyone, as we often invite each other to big life events.  At my new job, I invited no one, and my husband invited folks that were on his leadership team at work.
  • Family/your parents’ friends.  This one got a little tricky for us.  We wanted to invite everyone our parents had ever met, but it simply wasn’t possibly.  Our venue would only seat 140, and we really wanted to make sure we got everyone in that we could.  We invited family friends that we’d grown up with, and Austin’s mom invited a few of the same.

The tricky thing when going through this list is figuring out how you can keep from insulting folks when you don’t invite them to your wedding.

Here’s your answer.

Who cares?  It’s you/your partner’s day.  And real acquaintances who care for you will understand that you like them okay, but not necessarily enough to spend over $100 for them to eat up all your food and drink all your liquor.

How do you decide who gets invited to big events?  


February Mini Goals

A few bloggers have done this thing where they set goals for each month, and I think that’s absolutely wonderful.  Cause you like, set your goals for the year and a month in, you’re like WHAT WERE THEY!!!  So maybe if I make monthly, like achievable ones, by the end of the year, I will be a total wonder-woman with  all the ridiculous goals I’ve achieved.   That sounds cool right?

Mini Goals for February

  1. Compile all the addresses for the wedding invite list.  The weeks are starting to slip away from me and I don’t want to end up like 4 months out with nothing done.
  2. In that same vein, get stuff together for the save-the-dates.  That has to happen this month.  We’re about 6 months out, and I have a ton of out-of-town people coming.  That said, I am so pumped to get married.  I cannot wait for how much fun this about to be.
  3. Get to yoga at least once a week.  I haven’t been in longer than I’d like to admit, and I need to get back into class.  It helps me with my running, and my body loves it.  Plus my abs look killer when I do it.  Added bonus.  Bikinis are out in Target from what I hear, so it’s good to get that stuff in check.
  4. I’ve been really afraid to say this out loud, but this is serious.  I want to wake up early at least one day a week so I can work out.  Ugh.  And I get a latte every time I achieve this goal.
  5. And finally, I need to do this this week, but I need to clean my car.  Like a straight up vacuum and Autobell situation.  

Okay, so I kept this one short and sweet.  What are your goals for February?