Sportwash, you save lives.

You guys were around last week when I left my Sportwash in Raleigh, right?  And how I washed my workout clothes in regular detergent,h and almost died when the smell of my freshly washed clothes (they wasn’t so fresh), hit me?

So I got back to Raleigh yesterday, and hit the ground running (hee hee).  If you’ve never been out here, the weather here is kind of nuts.  It gets pretty hot here, it’s the summer, but the real killer is the humidity in the summer months.  It storms, sometimes once a day, and the product is oppressive, heavy heat, that will have you soaking wet by the end of a run.  Headaches and hotheadedness are super common, unless you’re conscious of it and take care to hydrate throughout the day.

It’s funny, because when I go to Pennsylvania to visit my camp family in the summer, it can be like 89 degrees, and bone dry, and everyone’s all “It’s gonna be a hot one!  Make sure you keep that water bottle full.”  And I’m like bundled in my winter finest.

But I digress.

Your clothes are soaked.  And they smell horrid, especially at the end of these humid runs.  Enter Penguin Sportwash.

Sport Wash


If any of you go to the store and buy Tide Sport, I promise, I will scream.  That stuff just has a bunch of Febreze in it, and the Febreze just sits on your stank like…I can’t even describe the horror.  You need this.  It’s biodegradable.  It’s scentless.  I hear it gets blood out.  Idk.  I try not to bleed on my workout clothes, but whatever.  So you can order this stuff off Amazon, and sometimes you can find it in a few running or sporting specialty shops.  Bottom line, it will have you smelling like an athlete at the start of the race, rather than at the end.  Try it, and tell me what you think.

One thought on “Sportwash, you save lives.

  1. Even though I was laughing out loud at your commentary, I thank you for this great information! I use OxyClean and white vinegar in the wash to get my funk out, and it does an okay job. Doesn’t touch the really crusty smelling stuff, though, so I’m going to order a bottle of this today. Love that it comes in unscented, as I can’t use anything on my uber-sensitive skin.

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