Beauty Buys! Plus an at-home gel mani!

So drug store cosmetics are some of my favorite purchases in the world, but with the wedding coming up, I have been focusing more of my finances on wedding things, and less on extraneous purchases.  But last week, I was out of a few things, and so I treated myself to some things I’ve been meaning to buy for a while.  Let’s look through a few of my purchases, and I’ll let you know how they worked out!

DSC_0726 DSC_0727

Okay starting from the far left.

Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara by Maybelline – My honest opinion is I wouldn’t buy this.  I wasn’t really impressed with what it did, and it didn’t really do much for me.  It was really a meh purchase.  Very meh.  I have had better luck with Volum’ Express Colossal…much more worth it for the money.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream – This is definitely a good buy.  I don’t wear a ton on my skin since I’ve been using Proactiv, but this buy is definitely worth it.  A little dab kinda just smooths out what is going on, and is really really good for a day where you have a gnarly breakout.  It also contains some SPF which is really important for us ladies that are not interested in turning leathery.

RevitaLift Miracle Blur anti-aging skin care by L’Oreal Paris – This product, which was introduced to me by Amanda, is a killer purchase.  So it’s a moisturizer, which I can always use more of, it contains SPF, and it sort of just magically fixes your skin.  Prior to starting Proactiv, I kind of had a permanent breakout on my forehead, that left me with some dark marks.  Between the Proactiv, limited makeup, and this product, I feel like this is the last piece in the puzzle to fix what’s been going on with my skin.  Seriously, if you have drier skin, and you’re looking for a moisturizer with some SPF that can be worn on it’s own, this is is.  Thank you Amanda!

Okay, last but not least, the folks at A Beautiful Mess taught me how to do a gel mani at home.  HOLLA AT SAVING $50!

What you’ll need to do your own gel mani and save a bajillion dollars over the course of a year.


  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Acetone for removal (kinda more after). 
  • Gelous Gel Nail Coat <-You can get that at Sally’s


  • Your nail color
  • A top coat – AMB recommends Seche Vite, which I have, but I went with my Orly top coat, and it seemed to work out well.

Kay, here are your steps. Nails are clean and buffed, right?

  1. Swab your nails with alcohol to get any excess oils off.
  2. Do a thin coat of Gelous, let it dry for a minutes.
  3. Do a coat of the color, let it dry for three minutes.
  4. Another coat of Gelous, let it dry for a minute.
  5. ANOTHER coat of color, three minutes dry time.
  6. Your top coat, dry it for one minute.
  7. And FINALLY do one last coat of Gelous, seal the top of your nails, and let it dry for a million years.  Seriously, as long as possible


At. Home. Gel. Mani.

Saved ya money!

What do you have planned for this weekend?

This one time….

This post will be a random collection of random things and memories I’ve had and jotted down over the last couple of weeks, so bear with me.  Then tell me random stuff about yourself so I don’t feel so weird.

So this one time….

//I got a ticket (this was like a month ago) for improperly wearing my seatbelt.  I always, always wear a seatbelt, but I had a kinda bad car accident a few years back, and I hated the way the seatbelt felt when it locked against my collarbone.  I started slipping the belt behind my left arm, and finally got caught for it a few weeks ago.  That’s bad.  But the cop told me about this clippy thing that I could put on the belt that will lift it away from my chest.  Wish I had known that before I got into the really bad habit of slipping the belt behind my armpit. That was an expensive lesson to learn.

//I’m really sore constantly this week.  I officially am signed up to do my Body Pump cert next month, so in the next month or so, I am going to as many classes as possible to get some cueing hints and to pick up good stuff from other teachers…

//This has been good because I’m getting exposure to one really good teacher in particular, and even though I teach Zumba now, I’ve taken some of her helpful hints and reminders to my class.  I got a compliment yesterday about how this was “one of the best classes”.  Some of the things I remembered to do included providing the class with lower impact options, and walking to the back of the class so I could interact with some of the folks on the back row.  All things you can forget, but can be easily picked back up.

//I’ve stopped wearing makeup to work.  It started a few weeks ago, when I was just too tired.  It’s a combo of being too tired and wanting to treat my skin well.  I’ve started using Proactiv, and my acne has, for the most part, cleared up, so I feel pretty confident going “naked” to work.

photo 2I think people are kind of getting used to it, and will probably be startled when I actually wear makeup one of these days.  For right now, I’m just focused on taking good care of my skin.

//My sister had a birthday last week, which got me thinking about the drama surrounding the day she was born.  Or rather, the days leading up to that day.  Do you have time for a short story?  Our car broke down, my mother proceeds to go into early(ish) labor, my father had to jog to a payphone to call the ambulance (it was like 1990) and they carted my mom away.  The cop drove us home in his backseat.

//Fun fact: by the time my mom was my age (26) she had three kids.  I have three pets.  So there’s that.

Your turn!  Tell me something random!