My Sober June

I did it!  We made it!  Sober June absolutely flew by, and I did it without any cheating!  No alcohol for a month!

Sober June

I have to admit, I was really intimidated by the entire idea of not drinking for a month.  We’re dinks, I’m a runner, and I’ve centered a lot of my social activities around drinking for as long as I can remember.

I go to run club, run a few miles, then drink a beer.

I invite friends to catch up over dinner, we order some beers.

I’m working on the group fitness schedule for the next month, and I would pour a glass of wine to keep me occupied as I sifted through emails, making sure that we didn’t have any holes for the following month.  It was just something I did.

But I read Andy Cohen’s book when it came out late last year, and he made mention of doing a sober January, which was really curious.  Andy loves to drink, and features a drinking game on his show, which sometimes airs 4 nights per week during the high season.  But he did it!  So maybe I could, right?

So like I mentioned here, a friend posted on Facebook about 5 or 6 weeks back that he was curious about what it took to do a sober June.  I was intrigued, and after a really good hangover, and a horrendous bout with strep throat, (or strep thoat as they say here in the south). I was ready to be done with alcohol for a while.  So I jumped, both feet in, after reading a few articles on going sober for a month, and went for it.

Surprisingly, after a day or two, it wasn’t super hard!  I drank lots of other things.  Seltzers, fake beers, coffee, and tons of water, but I never felt a huge urge to grab a beer and start chugging.

A few times when it was hard?

I had a stressful day at work, and instead of heading home that night, which I really couldn’t afford, I headed to a coffee shop where beer was also served.  I really wanted a glass of wine, which I had gotten used to treating myself to, like if you get your work done, you’re “allowed” this treat.   The feeling was short-lived, and I decided on a cup of tea instead.

It was a smidge hard at first with dinner, when you just wanted a beer.

But other than that, it really wasn’t so complex. 

As I write this, it’s the first of July, and I haven’t run to the store for a bottle of wine.  Even better, I’m thinking of running to the store for fro-yo later.  I believe I plan to drink on the 4th, as I’m going to visit friends, and I’ve planned on it all month.  But one good thing about this is I don’t necessarily feel the need to drink in a social situation.  And I think that that’s what this month of sobriety has taught me.

Stay tuned for my tips on doing a sober month!


Sober June Update – Two weeks in!

Hey folks.

It’s freaking hot.  I am not joking.  It is SO hot, I can barely stand it.  Austin and I had to wait for the sun to go down to go run on the trails last night, and even so, I ended the run completely drenched in sweat.  But that IS one nice thing about summer running – rather than starting the run off freezing and eventually warming up well enough to sweat, you sweat the ENTIRE time, and I feel like any thing that is lurking – whether it be stomach yucks from your antibiotics, gross food, or a simply terrible attitude – will be eliminated with that run.  It’s kinda like hot yoga!

So anyhoo, I’m on week two of being sober for this month, and I have to be honest with you.  I feel like I’ve cheated a little bit because I was sick for the first week-and-a-half, two weeks.  I was on antibiotics, which says RIGHT THERE on the label not to drink with them. Which has never stopped me before, but this time, I was so, SO profoundly ill, I didn’t want to really drink anything.  So overall, it hasn’t been super super difficult, even thought there were a few times this past week, when the thought of a drink PLUS a like, cigarette sounded great.  And I don’t smoke.

When it has been hard?

  • I had a really, really rough week at work.  My normal response is to flop down on the couch and crack a beer.  But I made a promise to you guys and to myself that this month wasn’t going to be that sort of month, so instead, I went to a coffee shop, and worked to untangle the work mess I found myself in.  But I sat on the street, and saw a lot of people eating and drinking delicious things, and I sort of wanted to join in the fun.  Total FOMO.  But it was for the best.  I recognize that wanted to crack a beer as a response to stress is not necessarily a healthy way to process my feelings.
  • I went to a real bar on Friday night to watch the soccer game, and it was a drinking-themed event.  I was able to convince the bartender to make me something that kinda looked beveragey.  And again, it’s not to pretend, it’s more to just have something in my hand to sip.  Then we went next door.  I sort of whispered to the server about O’Douls, and she started yelling about it to the entire table, so everyone at that bar should think I’m good and pregnant now.

Overall, it hasn’t been too hard.  But as I start to put myself in more of these regular situations, I have to think ahead.  I have a meeting off site on Wednesday.  There may be beer there.  What is my plan?  I’m going to take Austin out to eat for his birthday…where are we going slash what am I going to eat/drink so I don’t end up being a slob.  Planning ahead has been key for me.

Anyhoo, all that said…how is your week going so far?