Applebee’s Pub Diet Menu

Let me preface this entire post by saying that typically, this family is not big on eating at places like Applebee’s.  Also Applebee’s has not paid me one red cent for this, I just thought that you all might be interested in this.

In Applebee’s defense, they are not the only offender – but eating out can often lead you down a dangerous path, dietarily (and budgetarily) speaking.

Neither of those words, dietarily or budgetarily is a technical word, but go with me here.  

So we don’t eat out a ton because there are a few dangerous points there, especially since my husband and I really try to stick to a clean, healthy diet.

  • Restaurant food, even fancy restaurant food, is FULL of sodium.  You know when you flip over a Lean Cuisine, and there’s an obscene amount of sodium in it?  And you’re like WTF?!  But then you get it because the food was frozen, and it has to be preserved.   Sort of the same idea.
  • The portions are absolutely ridiculous.  Seriously, did you catch this NYT article that illustrated what 2,000 calories looked like at different chains?  It was just stupid.  And place like Cheesecake Factory and Chipotle can be some of the worst offenders.
  • A little unrelated to what we’re talking about here, but the shit is expensive.  I cannot justify paying $2.58 for a large diet coke when you can get a two-liter of my guilty pleasure for that much.  It’s so silly!

So back to my original sort of point, we don’t usually do Applebee’s but over Christmas, one of our relatives gifted us an Applebee’s gift card, so we decided to go there one date night two weeks ago.

Austin teased me about it in the days leading up – he knows how into food I can be, and it made him giggle that finding something on the menu to eat without sabotaging a full day was stressing me out a little bit.

So I did a little pre-research and decided that I might try something called the “Pub Diet,” an entirely new, beautifully photographed section of the menu.

Pub Diet 1

I went ahead and made my pick….

Pub Diet 2

And Austin had to sabotage EVERYTHING and order some bottomless chips and salsa, which I shamelessly indulged in.

And this is what it looked like when it came out!

Pub Diet 3And very delightfully and surprisingly, this dish off of the Pub Diet menu wasn’t bad in the least!

Because I stuffed my face with some chips, I definitely made sure to split the entree in half, and I saved the other half for lunch the following day, but I was really surprised at how good it was.  I even remarked to the server at how good it was, and she said that a lot of folks had felt the same way.  Interestingly enough, she also said that sometimes, after folks ordered it, they threw a little fit because it doesn’t come with a bread stick or anything.  But sorry folks, the point of a lower-calorie, higher-protein option is NOT so that they can throw a bread stick in.

I’m no nutritionist, but when folks ask me about eating out, I typically steer them far away from chains – but I would say that the Pub Diet is a winner in my book.

If/when you eat out, what is your go-to place? 


My version of clean eating and how it worked for me.

Last weekend, I ate like an animal.

I listed some of the things I ate here, but in case you forgot, they were not limited to:

>>Cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt

>>A plate full of 2 different types of mac + cheese

>>An incredible cheesecake made by a supervisor of mine.  It was one of those dense, heavy numbers that made you feel like you might have a heart attack, but it was really delicious at the same time.

>>Baked beans, the really sweet kind.

>>Deviled eggs (god bless those, how are they so good?)

>>10,000+ pounds of chips + guacamole.

So needless to say, by the time Monday rolled around, the clean eating idea that I’d been bouncing around in my head was really starting to sound like a good idea, and I just went for my version of clean eating.

My version of clean eating goes a little something like this…

>>No booze

>>No coffee

>>Nothing that comes prepackaged.  For me, that means a lot of stuff that I shouldn’t be eating anyways, like my oatmeal bars that are packed with sugar, or my Fiber 1 bars that are the same, had to go.

>>Focus on things that come from the ground, not from a can or something.

So my meals looked a lot like this…


And this to combat my diet soda bubbly cravings….


And this to make sure I didn’t grab a frozen burrito or a Fiber 1 bar on my way out the door on the way to work.


Now listen, I didn’t get overly creative with my meals, but you really can get insane with this stuff.  There are Pinterest universe’s dedicated to the art of clean eating.

My verdict?

Well first, let me disclaim this by telling you that I’m not your doctor, so don’t go doing anything stupid to your diet just because I said so.  Do what WORKS for you, okay?

>>It’s a little time consuming because it involves a decent amount of prep and planning.  But your food should be time consuming.  Your meals should not be as easy as tearing open a package or flipping the top to a can.  So yes, it’s time-consuming, but in the best possible way!

>>Though it’s time consuming say, the night before, your meals can be pretty grab-n-go the following morning.  Once I did things like prep my fulls day’s worth of meals before, like oats and salads, they were really fast to grab the next morning, and usually only required a little bit of heating.

>>Even though I’m usually good about my water intake, it definitely increased since I wasn’t doing coffee or drinks with a lot of artificial crap in them!  I had a lot of fun with it, and infused water with fruits, and took mason jars full of water with me to work that I could sip on.  I also sipped on Kombucha and club soda whenever I got a hankering for something bubbly.

>>When I got the urge to eat something sweet, I reached for fruit, and it seemed to do the trick.

>>Toward the end of last week, my stomach was really very upset because of the sheer volume of fiber that I was unknowingly consuming.  That was one of the bigger downsides – my body wasn’t really down with absorbing those levels of fiber, so I was very uncomfortable toward the end of the week.  I should have laid off of the leafy greens for a day or two between big salads!

Overall, I loved it, and even though I said I was only gonna do it for like a week, I’m interested to see if I can try for another week!

What sort of eating plan do you try to follow?