Wedding Wednesday! “March” of the Brides

I figured since the countdown is officially on, and since I’m actually going to need to buckle down to get us married in the next couple of months, I’d start this Wedding Wednesday thing to kind of keep me on track, and let you know how I’m doing with my progress on things.

But first, my our new camera.  But what’s ours is really mine, amirite?  Happy fiancée, happy Beyoncé, ya know what I mean?

So anyhoo, with the new camera fully charged out, I set out to shooting really important things.

DSC_0007Such as my very pissed off looking cat.  Whatever cat, I bathed you for the better part of the entire fall to rid you and my home of fleas, so I will shoot you all I want, and you will deal.  He’s also not that fat, the picture is not his best angle, but I will get there.

So besides taking pictures of any and everything I come across, I’m really starting to buckle down and get serious about this wedding thing.  The reason I’ve been a little slow to really really get started (besides the venue and the invite list and a few other things), is because we really just haven’t had time, and I want to do everything myself!  But now that I have a few weekends where I’m guaranteed to be at home, it’s time to start!  And here’s what we got!

  1. Save-the-dates.  I literally don’t care if you think save-the-dates (STDs for short, lol) are stupid, they’re the way that you introduce the idea of you guys getting married to the world plus they’re a good way for you to inform all of your out of town guests that something’s going down in a little less than 6 months.   You can’t send people in New York your invite 6 weeks before and expect them to hop in their cars and book a hotel in that short amount of time, okay?  So I went to the paper store, got a quote, and the fabulous Evane Corder is drawing me up a little something for us to get printed on the cards.  So that, and I want to send them out by the end of this month.  Hold me to that, okay?
  2. “March” of the Brides.  So Saturday, Diamonds Direct Crabtree has the coolest thing going on for us brides-to-be.  25 of us were picked to compete in fun games (for some reason, I’m envisioning field day games), and I will be down there, with the support of my husband-to-be, competing for prizes and freebies for the big day.  So, I am officially inviting anyone in the Raleigh area to bring a thermos full of mimosa, and watch be elbow other brides (jk!) so that we can win free stuff for our wedding!
  3. An invite list.  I’m finally really at peace with that, because at first, the idea of inviting folks and not forgetting anyone can be really really intimidating, but I’m at the point where I’m comfortable with those whom I’ve chosen to be a part of our special day.  I actually started to recognize that it’s about us and therefore, we can have people that we like there.  That’s a nice feeling!
  4. A dress!  My mom said she was gonna go ahead and order it tomorrow, and I wish I could show it to you but nah!  It’s a secret!  But I’m so essited for you to see it 🙂

Okay ladies getting married, link up in the comments and hashtag yo tweets.  It’s Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday! “March” of the Brides

  1. Save the Dates are essential. It just lets people know what is happening. I found inspiration for ours on Pinterest and then had an Etsy designer recreate them for us. Etsy is a godsend…just wait.

    And I must see your dress. Please email me! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh my goodness I want to do March of the Brides! I would definitely throw bows for free wedding stuff lol!

    Also, Save the Dates are essential! I can’t believe someone told you they are stupid! I guarantee that person is one of the select few who think that way!

    Also, “Happy fiancée, happy Beyoncé” is incredible. Bravo 🙂

    1. Ha thanks! Free stuff for a wedding is never a bad thing, right?

      I think Austin is starting to understand that happy fiancée thing…a lot less protest about some things lately 🙂

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