Boston Ban

I understand that not everything can be black and white.  And often, I’m guided by my gut.  Some things feel really really right.  And some things just feel really wrong.

One of the things I’ve never really been into has been race banditing, or running races that you haven’t paid for.  And another is in a race where transfers or deferments aren’t allowed, I’ve always had this gut feeling that even if I didn’t like the rules, that rules were rules, and if I didn’t follow them, I would pay the consequences, whatever the association thought that they should be.

The Boston Marathon is one of those races.  It’s super cool.  Super sacred.  I knew nothing of the race until a few years ago (2010ish), when a friend at camp who was into running was sporting a jacket from the race.  To be 100% honest, I just liked the jacket, and when I asked about it, she told me about the race.  So for a long time, I thought about that race only in terms of getting that jacket.  And not for fashions’ sake, but for the sake of actually doing something that could “win” you that jacket.

Years later, 2 to be exact, I ran my first half.

A few months later, I ran my first full.

Etc, etc and so forth. [10 points to whomever it is that gets that King & I reference.]

Now that I am pregnant, and was never a super fast runner to begin with, I’m not sure if I will ever qualify, but if I do, I know it will be such a special experience.  Which is why I was kind of scratching my head at the predicament that Gia Alvarez found herself in.

Gia Alvarez is a pretty popular running blogger.  She’s accomplished a lot.  Long story short, Gia qualified for Boston, and by the time the race rolled around, she was pregnant and unable to run the marathon.  Boston is a non-transferrable race – not only is it one of the US’ holy grails of marathons, but the tragedies in 2013 make it highly improbable that you’re going to pull any funny business with the B.A.A.  Nevertheless, Gia made the decision to allow a friend to run with her bib.  The B.A.A. was tipped off (they have cameras at these biggies), noted it wasn’t her in the photograph, and she was banned for life from the event.  (Another really, really big mistake she made was registering again with her FRIEND’S qualifying time, and not her own, after her friend re-qualified her at the race.  Not good.  I’m not sure if she noted this at all in her post.  But that really might be the worst of what she did, if she didn’t re-qualify on her own.)

Interestingly enough, fresh off the news that she’d been banned, instead of taking full responsibility for her actions, she seemed to nearly (not quite fully) deflect – even going so far as to alternately title the post “it could happen to you.” 2016-04-04 13-55-25.png

My thoughts?

She broke the rules.  Whether they’re dumb or not.  (And I don’t think they’re dumb).  And she was dealt consequences.  Which were very clearly outlined from the beginning.  Like – this wasn’t really a surprise.  Sucks, but it’s not a surprise.

Gia, I think upon receiving some flak, wrote another post, an apology a few days later.  I’m not here to drag her or come for her edges.  The internet certainly had done its fair share of that.  However, I wish, upon getting her disappointing news, that she had owned the mistake a little more – not come back to it when the internet pointed out what a crappy decision she’d made.

All that said, I really hope that if she really, really would like to run it again, that maybe she can appeal and demonstrate to the B.A.A. that she learned from her mistake (and doesn’t feel the need to point out that “I did what so many of us do.”

In the words of our mothers/aunties/parents nosy friends, “if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?”

What do you think of the situation?  

What do you think of the consequences?


Rude Cows


I don’t know where to begin with this.

photo via FitPerez

So, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday, a week ago today.

And it’s a BFD to run it.

Figure out what BFD means, by the way, because I don’t want to swear all over my blog. I mean I do, but my mom reads this and always sends me really rude texts when I say shit and stuff, so figure it out. It stands for big-hmmhmm-deal.

So, it’s a BFD to run Boston. You have to train really hard for a marathon. You have to run a marathon in a qualifying time. Like a marathon isn’t hard enough, right? You have to run it fast, and then qualify. Then you like, qualify, and you qualify, and then you have to apply. Then after you apply, and you’re in, you have to go buy your ticket for your flight, get an expensive hotel, and even the most frugal of people is gonna blow a nice little chunk on their visit.

What I’m trying to say ^^ is that it’s not an easy feat to pull off to get there.  In fact, it’s difficult, and it’s a really really huge accomplishment.

So why in God’s name is a North Carolina reporting that after she posted a photo of her bib to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that some schmucks stole the bib by photocopying it, pinned it on like they were real runners, and ran the race?  I’m completely lost.

Long story short.

Do what you want.  But events like Boston are not the ones you need to be fooling with.  For starters, it’s a huge security risk for a bunch of strange idiots to be running the races.  Secondly, it’s a safety issue.  If one of the bandits, God forbid, gets hurt or even worse, how is anyone to know who they are when they have fake bibs connected to the original North Carolina woman?  And third?  YOU DON’T BELONG THERE.  It’s not your race to be running around in.

I’m done.  That was so rude.

What do you think?

Home happenings….

More mangos.  

Number one, I’m still extremely troubled by the fact that there’s not one consensus on the plural word for mango.  It can either be mangoes or mangos.  So, I’ve been switching it up, but it makes me really uncomfortable nonetheless.  But if you’ll remember from about a week and a half ago, I went crazy on the mango sale at Whole Foods.  Well, when I went back the other day, and they were on sale, this time two for a dollar, so ya girl went cray on them.

photo 1 (8)I went to town dehydrating mango, which can be really expensive if you buy it in the bags, and really really fully of sugar, so it’s nice to slice up your own, and know that you’re not getting any of the gross stuff that can come in the bag.

Let’s make a right turn.

Reality TV.  

Gif Via: LittlePieceOfDribblePiss /SurvivorSucks

Did anyone catch the RHOA reunion? Yikes, yikes, yikes. Porsha absolutely lost her mind for a second.  Now I absolutely do not condone violence, and because of that, Porsha needs to leave the reunion, and whatever it is that Bravo Andy chooses to do with her is his decision, but my LORD Kenya was getting on my nerves with the scepter and that damned bullhorn.  She is so so obnoxious, and she really needs to go.  But Porsha, you know you were dead wrong for hitting her.

This app.

I know you’re probably sick and tired of hearing all about my iPhone woes, but while I was in the process of re-downloading and configuring where I like my apps to go on my little phone’s desktop, I stumbled on Sara from Loving on the Runs’  sort of mini-review of TimeHop.

photo 3Here’s what it looks like, and it’s terribly cute.

The app links up with your Twitter, your FB, and your Instagram, and pulls statuses and photos from YEARS ago, so it’s a total trip down memory lane.  Here’s what I got yesterday!
photo 2This one was following a day when I won like $1000 in a local singing competition.  It was really awesome.  I also spent most of it repairing that Taurus that I had, but whatevs, that’s the life of being an adult, right?

I skipped Body Pump this morning 😦

I’m really bummed, but my thumb kinda still hurts from when I jammed it on Sunday night.  I packed my running clothes, and as soon as my clients leave from the job today, I’m going to set out for a few minutes and get the blood pumping!

How’s your Tuesday shaping up!?

Ready to feel kind of inadequate?

Okay, not really, I’m never writing to make you feel bad about yourself.


This woman. She’s a schoolteacher. A marathoner? And she takes a wrong turn on a half course and runs the full.  She didn’t just run the full though.  She won the full.  Get it here on Gawker.  I pray, I pray, that the running gods will bestow upon me a teeny tiny bit of the magic she’s got, to allow her adrenaline (and obvious athletic gifts) to push her through.  (Oh, and read the comments.  There are some haters with a capital ‘H’ out there….)

I know I’ve been MIA.

Shoutout to my adorable girl, Sam Cibelli, for allowing me access to her computer while I’m out here in the mountain.  More on that later.

This week has been dreadful.  But I’m beyond happy that the second suspect in Boston bombings was captured.  That said, I’ll reserve comment until we find out what’s really happened.

I’m in Asheville right now for a bacherlorette party, more specifically, the bustling metropolis of Marshall, NC, and of course, we run where we travel, right?  I’ll save the big post for later, but to say the least, this town is gorgeous.  And after this week, it’s nothing short of a blessing to be able to run without the fear and anxiety surround the fact that there was a psychopath terrorist on the loose.  I felt like, for the first time since Monday, that I could run without a weight on my chest.

So here’s a preview for the big Asheville post….


I’m a Scorpio, so the sound, the sight, and the smell of water has a magical calming effect on me. But the pictures don’t do it justice. I can’t to share this with you.

I woke up Monday morning…

…excited, like it was Christmas!  I mean, it was Boston Day!  The best day of the year for so many! And one of our teammates was running, and was nervous to finish.  (He finished with flying colors, btws, and we never doubted he could do it for a second).  And by the end of the day yesterday, we were devastated.  I don’t need to repeat what happened at the finish line at Boston about 4 hours into the race on Monday, I’m sure you’ve heard.  But I feel like we all need to pause, and take stock in what we have.  I want to take a second, be absolutely corny, and say this.

I am grateful for those of you who’ve read and commented on this blog.  Your support keeps me going.

I am grateful for my job and my work friends.  We squabble like a little family, but we love each other.  You make going to work a pleasure.

I am grateful for running.  It’s changed a lot for me.

I am grateful for my family.  I am more grateful since my Mom’s been sick.

I am grateful that Kerry Seal, our teammate, is coming back from Boston safe and sound.

I’m grateful for Zumba, Yoga, and however it is I choose to move.  It keeps me calm.

I could go on for days.  But you’d probably get sick of it.

Race Shirt

So here’s my race shirt, showing my Boston folks a little support.

And I leave you with this – a Russian children’s folk song that’s gotten me through a few rough days.

May there always be sunshine,

May there always be blue skies,

May there always me Mama,

May there always be me.


I officially had to let go of the Taurus yesterday, btws.

I actually whimpered as the tow truck driver, an actually ridiculously nice man, of Ochoa towing, pulled out from behind the transmission building with my poor car on the back.  I had to go in and retrieve my Barry Manilow tickets from the glove box.  And then I said good bye to the car that took me through high school and beyond.  RIP Taurus.  You served us so exceptionally well.


Okay, so to commemorate 100 posts, I have to make public the ridiculous thing that’s been floating around in my head for three years. Almost three years ago, during my first stint working as a Zumba instructor at camp in PA (more on that in the future, but camp is amazing), I was enthralled by Lindsay Birchfield’s blue jacket.  I didn’t know anything about running, about races, about what I was capable of.  The blue jacket was actually a jacket from the Boston Marathon, and I decided then and there, that I would run that race so I could wear that jacket.

My first marathon was slow.  But now that I have my first taste, I want to work a little, no, a lot, harder and qualify for that race.  So what I have to shave over an hour off my marathon time (eek!).  Stranger things have happened right?  So today, I’ll say this.  I’ve done one marathon.  I’m planning one more in the fall, I’ll train a little harder, and get a baseline for where I am.  Once I do that?  We need to get this Boston ball rolling!  Who’s in?