Rude Cows


I don’t know where to begin with this.

photo via FitPerez

So, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday, a week ago today.

And it’s a BFD to run it.

Figure out what BFD means, by the way, because I don’t want to swear all over my blog. I mean I do, but my mom reads this and always sends me really rude texts when I say shit and stuff, so figure it out. It stands for big-hmmhmm-deal.

So, it’s a BFD to run Boston. You have to train really hard for a marathon. You have to run a marathon in a qualifying time. Like a marathon isn’t hard enough, right? You have to run it fast, and then qualify. Then you like, qualify, and you qualify, and then you have to apply. Then after you apply, and you’re in, you have to go buy your ticket for your flight, get an expensive hotel, and even the most frugal of people is gonna blow a nice little chunk on their visit.

What I’m trying to say ^^ is that it’s not an easy feat to pull off to get there.  In fact, it’s difficult, and it’s a really really huge accomplishment.

So why in God’s name is a North Carolina reporting that after she posted a photo of her bib to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that some schmucks stole the bib by photocopying it, pinned it on like they were real runners, and ran the race?  I’m completely lost.

Long story short.

Do what you want.  But events like Boston are not the ones you need to be fooling with.  For starters, it’s a huge security risk for a bunch of strange idiots to be running the races.  Secondly, it’s a safety issue.  If one of the bandits, God forbid, gets hurt or even worse, how is anyone to know who they are when they have fake bibs connected to the original North Carolina woman?  And third?  YOU DON’T BELONG THERE.  It’s not your race to be running around in.

I’m done.  That was so rude.

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Rude Cows

  1. I don’t even understand why someone would want to do this. It’s not like they’re going to actually be part of the race results… they won’t have a timing chip, because you can’t rip that off. It’s basically just a giant photobomb of this person’s race photos (along with all the other shit you mentioned — a giant security risk and just plain rude). Why would you want to do this if you hadn’t earned it? Where’s the joy in it if you know you’re a cheater? This is completely lost on me!

  2. Well, you know how I feel about race bandits from my post on the whole running selfie situation last month – post at If this lady posted her bib online and it was copied, then that’s theft. These people should face some legal consequences because everyone knows how hard it us to get into Boston, you don’t just print a bib and run. As if!
    This is scary stuff because who’s to say what these fakers are there for if they’re not racing for a PR or medal.

    1. I know! I was reading the article like REALLY?! I get it, you want to run with your significant other, but this isn’t some small-town 5k, it’s BOSTON! How the heck did she think she was gonna get away with that?!

  3. Infuriating is what it is. I will so say, though, I had a good giggle about your aside on figuring out your curse abbreviations. I also have loved ones reading my blog so I have to be considerate but sometimes there are no better words…..

  4. That’s just crazy! People do some stupid things. I don’t even know how or why someone would even think of doing that.

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