I know I’ve been MIA.

Shoutout to my adorable girl, Sam Cibelli, for allowing me access to her computer while I’m out here in the mountain.  More on that later.

This week has been dreadful.  But I’m beyond happy that the second suspect in Boston bombings was captured.  That said, I’ll reserve comment until we find out what’s really happened.

I’m in Asheville right now for a bacherlorette party, more specifically, the bustling metropolis of Marshall, NC, and of course, we run where we travel, right?  I’ll save the big post for later, but to say the least, this town is gorgeous.  And after this week, it’s nothing short of a blessing to be able to run without the fear and anxiety surround the fact that there was a psychopath terrorist on the loose.  I felt like, for the first time since Monday, that I could run without a weight on my chest.

So here’s a preview for the big Asheville post….


I’m a Scorpio, so the sound, the sight, and the smell of water has a magical calming effect on me. But the pictures don’t do it justice. I can’t to share this with you.

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