22 Weeks – Changing it Up!

I thought I’d change up the questions this week because I was so late with my 21 weeks update, and I don’t want to bore you with the same exact questions.  Plus, I thought you might be interested in some of the questions I get, almost on a daily basis.  And then maybe you can stop asking me them.  Kidding!  (Kinda).

So I’m 22 weeks pregnant, which means I am pretty well halfway through the pregnancy.  I am not that fat, but I feel whaleish, so my go-to defense mechanism to to make a fat joke before other folks can, and it makes people really uncomfortable.  The baby is about the size of a spaghetti squash, which sounds HUMONGOUS, and is moving around a good bit.  It’s a little boy, and he’s due on September third of this year.

Onto the questions!

How are you feeling?  Really weird, honestly.  Physically, things feel like they changed overnight.  Emotionally/mentally, I don’t feel like myself, and that’s weird for me.  I feel a little uncomfortable in my own skin, and very crabby sometimes.  I feel concerned that I have no real idea of what I’m doing, and that my natural approach is to just “figure it out” like everyone else does.  My lack of freaking out is freaking me out, in a sense.  But a mom recently commented on a post a few weeks back that, pregnant with her second, she doesn’t feel like herself.  The normalizing of that feeling in that statement made me feel much better.  

Are you still teaching?  Of course!  I get really surprised when people ask me this question because teaching is/has been a part of my job.  The classes that have become uncomfortable to teach are Step/Bosu classes, but I’m still teaching Zumba, BodyPump™, Cycle, and whatever else is needed.  I am not running nearly as much because it feels really really uncomfortable, like I’m hurting my bladder.  Even now, if I’m on the treadmill, I have to go to the bathroom before I start, and I usually have to get off to go again after a few minutes.  I’ve talked to some running moms about this, and sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I wasn’t meant to run marathons this pregnancy, or maybe any of my pregnancies, but I do what I can.

You look really small!  Is the baby measuring okay?  Um.  I think people genuinely think this is a compliment.  Generally, I think it’s best if you don’t really comment on someone’s size, but folks think that telling you you either look huge or small, and then inquiring about your child’s health is okay.  It’s sort of not, and I have to hold back the urge to roll my eyes when I hear this one.  The measurement question really come from someone who’s really sweet, and I know she just didn’t think.

On the flip, an older person literally asked me if I was getting kinda fat.  When I told her I was pregnant, she seemed less than fully embarrassed,

Do you have cravings/are you sick?  Not really.  You’d really think you could eat nonstop while pregnant, but overeating is really not a thing.  The times I have overdone it, I get awful reflux, and I sit around feeling really really sorry for myself, trying not to puke.  It’s mostly just small meals and snacks, and nothing really in particular that I HAVE to have.  Other than seltzer.  I love seltzer and soda water.  I get loads from the Burger King down the street.

This is another point, but I don’t know how Burger King stays in business.  I go in there every other day or so to get seltzer, and there’re never really more than like 5 people at a time in there.  They haven’t changed the decor in like 30 years either.  I am so lost.

Do you know what you’re having?  Yes!  We’re having a boy.

Do you have names picked out?  No, not really.  We have plenty of time to think about it though, and I don’t really plan to share when we decide.  That’s for us, I think.


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4 thoughts on “22 Weeks – Changing it Up!

  1. I fully support your decision not to tell anyone the name. Lord knows you don’t need anyone’s stupid opinion about your choice. Wait till baby Samps is here and certificate is SIGNED!

    1. I cannot even. There’s someone at work that’s been making a really really crazy name suggestion, and he’s been steadfast about it. Think about it along the lines of Poseidon. I was like nope…we obviously don’t need to share our name choices with anyone!

  2. People and their analysis of a bump size is ridiculous! Your belly looks completely average for a 22 week pregnant woman, really similar to what mine was! And yay for keeping names a secret! We didn’t want anyone’s opinion or input on the name so when Emma was born we just sent out a text with her name, easy peasy!

    1. Such good advice. We’re starting to get a lot of questions about names and I’m like medium ashamed to admit we don’t have anything nailed down. We’ll figure it out!

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