Liam Carter

I have to write this down, if for nothing else, I’m really starting to forget some of the details of Wednesday, September 7th.  These things get a little long, so feel free to close this out and come back later – I can split the story of my son’s entrance into the world into parts, because the day is kind of split into parts anyways.

So spoiler alert:  at 40 weeks and 4ish days, I delivered our son.  As you could probably guess from the tone of my Labor Day post, I was over being pregnant.  I was uncomfortable, and until the very end, I was going to the bathroom at least once an hour.  Plus, I was running out of patience for the questions and the fat comments I was getting from men.  Thanks a lot guys.

The Day Before

So, the Tuesday before I went in and was not feeling great.  I had my doctor’s appointment at 8:15am, and since I hadn’t really progressed, the doctor said that we really needed to schedule an induction for the following week, after I’d hit 41 weeks.  The doctor was cool, and allowed me to pepper her with some questions about why that would be necessary, and she asked that we put something on the calendar.  She probably could tell that putting an induction on the calendar was making me panic, and she assured me that a lot of moms wouldn’t have to even go that far.  I left that day kind of disappointed, and texted some friends, who were really awesome and just sort of held my hand while I did the anxiety spin.  I worked for about half the day from home, texted my boss that I wasn’t feeling so hot to check in, and then went to the mall to do a mani/pedi, and walk to the bookstore.


So, I was sleeping pretty normally for where I was in the pregnancy.  I was up and down to go to the bathroom all night.  Around 3:45am though, I kind of realized I was having a contraction – sort of this deep grip around my middle that would ease up.  Austin wasn’t sleeping super well so I nudged him.

C: Babe.

A: Huh?

C: Contractionnes.

A: Really?

I told him to chill, go back to sleep because I may need him later, and I laid in bed until about 5, timing them (they were kind of sporadic, but coming 10 and 12 minutes apart, and then one would come randomly 5 minutes in), until I got sick of being up and scrolling through Facebook, and I went out to the living room.  I sent a few emails for work, watched some music videos, texted my brother about whether we thought that French Montana was all there (we vote no), watched Beyonce’s VMA performance (fantastic once again), and sort of contemplated going into work that morning because I’m not sure I entirely was getting what was happening.  Austin was up and getting ready for work, and prevented me from getting in the shower and told me I wasn’t going to work, and that he could drop anything off at the office if I needed it.  We decided that he wasn’t going to work, but that he would go to his staff meeting via videochat.

Can I tell you something about this stage of labor?  It’s what I’d like to call the Kourtney Kardashian phase.  You’re calm.  You’re getting stuff done.  I showered.  I shaved my legs.  I put on a maxi dress.  I cleaned the bedroom (something that dear Austin had been begging me to do for a long time).  I did loads and loads of laundry.  I ate some egg and avocado toast, remembering that I needed to eat.  I sent Austin out to get me a huge smoothie for lunch.  I honestly thought that if this was labor, that I could definitely do this, and I could consider doing it a multitude of of times.

Phase Two

Stuff really started getting nasty at this point.  The contractions started to come a bit faster, and there were barbs on the end of them.  I started to have to pause my work when they hit, and at that point, I called the doctor’s office.

Note here: there is one nurse at the practice where I am who is SO nasty.  I’m not sure she realizes how she comes off, but I interacted with her just once before.  So when I called the office and they transferred me over, first no  one picked up, which fine, there are other people in this world besides me, but I did roll my eyes at that.  And when I called back, I got this nurse who just was not pleasant.  When I described to her that I was moving into a not-fun phase of labor, she sort of suggested that I hadn’t had enough water, and that my uterus may have just been irritable.  I felt like I almost had to convince her I was genuinely having a baby at some point in the near future.  And I get it.  She has probably dealt with a million panicking moms, but I do not like the suggestion that I’m just some crazy, histrionic woman too dumb to recognize that she’s in labor.

So, we went into the office for a labor check.  When we got there, I was having to pause for contractions, and I was getting really really uncomfortable.  The PA and an intern, I think, came in to check me, and I was about 2 cm dilated.  She said she could feel and see his head when she took a peek with the speculum, and she mentioned that my water was bulging, but not broken.  I think she really wanted to break it, and I was like no girl, and she seemed to get that telepathically, I was not feeling that at all.  They stuck me on what Austin called the “seismograph” or the thingie that measures the baby’s heartrate, his movement, and the level of contraction we were having.  The contractions were rocking and rolling at this point, which the machine was telling us.  When I got off the machine finally, the nurses advocated for me to get another check, and I was at a 3.  They sent me home, and told me to come in after dinner.  This is when stuff super super super started ramping up…

Phase Three. 

Phase three.  Otherwise known as, the phase where you’re convinced you’re going to die imminently.

So, we went back home, and my parents were there when I got there.  My mom has done this a lot.  Four times.  And I think she looked at me, and knew that I wouldn’t be at the house for long at all.  So I labored on the couch, and would roll over onto the floor on hands and knees as necessary.

I laid on the floor in the bedroom for a while, and asked my mom a few times if this seemed normal.  She reassured me that it was completely normal, and let me squeeze her hand and yell as the contractions came.  She and Austin threw a few of my last things into my bag, and Austin literally picked me up off the floor so that we could go to the hospital.  Things started getting a little hazy here, so I have to write this down so I won’t forget.

Kia Soul Labor

Austin loaded me into the car, my mom climbed into the backseat, and we started to the hospital.  Laboring in the car, as someone warned me before, is HELL.  It is the closest you will ever in your life come to hell.  I am telling you, try and make it so your ride to where you need to go, whether you’re delivering in a birth center or at the hospital, is short.  My ride was only like 15-20 minutes, and it was hell on earth.  I begged Austin to take the turns slowly, and I think I told him and my mom that I was dying a few times.  But my mom was great – telling me that this was normal, and that soon, we would meet the baby. Hell.  Hell.  Hell on earth.  Hell. Fun fact, at one point, my mom, who knew what the deal was, leaned over Austin’s shoulder and asked if we should call the ambulance.  I kind of knew that meant I might be close, but I was in so much pain, and in denial, and Austin assured her that he would get us there.

Hospital – it gets good here.  It’s 6pm at this point.  

We got up to patient registration (thank you God that I’d sent my form in so they had me in the system), and a wheelchair materialized.  We got to the desk, and through my haze, I was able to give the woman my name, my practice, and the name of the doctor on call.  They hustled me up to triage, where I met Clare, this awesome nurse who let me hold her shoulder while the contractions came.  I let her know immediately that I needed pain relief, so that she might want to call whomever she felt could help with that.  She looked a little stunned at the fact that I’d requested it so quickly, but her response was really kind, even though for the life of me, I can’t remember it.  She helped me into a hospital gown and took my shoes off, and I sort of got into the bed, which was nice for just a sec.  Dr. Kalinowski came in a second later.  At which point I apologized to her for being so sweaty.  I told her I’d showered that morning, but that labor had rendered me pretty sweaty.  I don’t know where that came from.

C: Dr. Kalinowski, I am not comfortable.

I’m sure she was like duh, you friggin idiot internally, but she was kind, and she got to checking me.

Dr. K: Cheri, you’re gonna laugh at this…

I’m thinking, “what is remotely funny right now?  If I am still 3 cm, I am going to hurt someone.”

Dr. K: You’re 9 cm.

My eyes bugged out of my head.  If you’re not familiar, 10 cm is showtime.  Somehow, between the office visit and my short trip home, I’d progressed really quickly, and at the end of our conversation, I was closer to 9.75.  And I was still in triage.

So I’m not dumb.  I knew that meant a probably absolutely no on pain meds, but I still begged Dr. K for them.  She didn’t outright call me a dumbass like she should have, but she explained that that wasn’t going to happen, very gently, and that I was probably going to want to start pushing soon.

Since I needed to get out of triage, someone swept all of my stuff up, and we were hustling down the hall to labor and delivery.  I made sure to have a contraction or two on the way, and screamed out, while the poor nurses probably were thinking that I was terrifying all of the women in earlier stages of labor who didn’t know how fun it was going to get for them.  V v fun.

The one part I thought was kind of annoying was that I had to get my big pregnant laboring self from my triage bed onto my labor bed. I wasn’t really mobile at that point.  Kourtney was gone.  Somehow I got onto that bed with some help, and I flopped down on it.  I got some monitors strapped on for the seismograph, and Dr. K materialized shortly.  I got the feeling that it was about to go down.  The contractions were coming in waves.  Literally, I could feel their buildup, and then the crash, and there was almost no rest time.  Dr. K told me to get rest between contractions, and I had a good chuckle at that.  Again, I felt like it was time to do the thing, but my water still wasn’t broken.  Before, I’d been really opposed to having anyone break my water, especially early on, because I didn’t want it broken, and for nothing to happen for 24 hours, and for me to end up on the operating table if I could avoid it.  But I was close to the end, vaguely felt like my body was pre-push, if not pushy, and my mom wouldn’t let anything happen to me that she felt was inappropriate.  Dr. K broke my water, I felt the gush, and I think everything started to go from 0-90.

It felt like time to push.

So I think I pushed a few times, and in the quick lull between contractions, when someone asked how I was I asked the following upon realizing that the clock was in plain view over the doctor’s shoulder.

“Can someone please move the friggin clock off the wall? I can’t deal with that right now.”

Austin covered it up.  It was taunting me, the same way the clock at the gym does sometimes.

So with each contraction, I would push, work with the contraction to get the baby out.  He seemed like he was sort of moving, but I think once we got close, he decided he really didn’t like being squeezed, and with each contraction and push, his heart rate started dropping.  My mom saw it on the monitors, and a second later, Dr. K let me know that we needed to really work hard on the next few pushes to get him out because at one point, the low heart rate triggered this alarm that didn’t sound alarmy, but I recognized that more people, nurses, were coming into the room.  We changed positions.  I got on hands and knees.  I got on my side.  And screamed that I was not comfortable, and that I needed to be in sit-up position to deliver him.  The team, my mom, and Austin got me back into position, and they were holding my legs.  We needed to get him out.  A few more contractions, and a little more pushing, and suddenly, the room filled with people, and these really serious lights came up.  I’m not clear, not because it wasn’t communicated to me, but because I’m really hazy at this point, on whether someone informed me that things were getting a little dangerous for the baby, but everyone was really calm, while urging that the baby had to come out within the next few pushes.  I was given an oxygen mask for little man.

So ultimately, we made the decision to allow the doctor to use the assistance of a vacuum, and I resolved mentally that the baby was coming out in the next few moments, even if it killed me.  I wanted him out safely and healthy, and nothing in the world else mattered.  My mom and Austin were being amazing and encouraging me, and in the next contraction or so, I sat up, bore down, and pushed with all my might.  My mom was screaming encouragement, Austin was screaming encouragement, the nurses were supporting the doctor, the doctor was counting, and all of a sudden, at 7:04pm, baby Liam was here, and immediately on my chest at 7lbs 7oz, 20.5 inches, on 9/7.  Lots and lots of 7s.

And that, on the day after I’d scheduled an induction, is how Liam Carter decided he was coming into the world.  liam-carter



Happy Labor Day!

I was almost scared to entitle this blog post as such because everyone is going to freak out and think I went into labor.  I did not.  I’m holding steady here at 40 weeks and a few days, very very cranky, but feeling ok considering.  What I am a little sick of?  The insane comments I’ve been getting, mainly from men on how “huge” I am, and folks asking if I’m sure there aren’t two in there.  I understand that people may not know what to say.  So say nothing if you feel uncomfortable.  Please don’t just say whatever pops into your head because I really can’t promise I won’t completely lose it on the next person who’s asked me how much weight I’ve gained, or points out my boobs.  It’s not nice.

So for Labor Day, we had an absolutely uneventful day.  I woke earlier than Austin, and headed out to Whole Foods just to get out of the house.  Halfway through the short drive though, I sort of glanced in the rearview and realized I looked completely a mess.  My hair needs a retwist, I wasn’t wearing any makeup, and I generally looked really…just not good.  And I always run into people I know at Whole Foods, so I hanged (hung?) a right, and went to Tropical Smoothie, where I had a coupon for, and I ended up paying ten cents for my smoothie.  Avocolada, no extra sweeteners.  Light and delicious.  When I do my smoothies at home, I’m so in love with avocado in my smoothies now for a little calorie/fat boost in the morning.  Game changer. Except it turns your smoothies a repulsive color, but I can get past that.

By the time I got back, Austin was mowing the lawn, and I took a quick bath (I was feeling a little uncomfortable) before Austin, my brother, and I went to CrazyFire Mongolian Grill for lunch.  I normally can’t even with that place – haven’t been there since I was severely hungover in Elon, but I figured I could throw some innumerable amount of pepper on the dish and walk around to get things moving.  Food was good and spicy.  Did not work.  I will add spicy food to the list of things that don’t really get labor going.  But it tasted bomb!

I napped while the boys did our grocery shopping – I got really lucky with that, and after I decided I was sick of having been in the house for a few hours, Austin and I went to Whole Foods and sat outside to eat a cookie and drink a kombucha (me, not him since he finds my “vinegar drank” repulsive).

No pools for us this year.  No Fripp.  No Ft. Lauderdale. But Labor Day, all and all was nice, and I wish I had an extra day with Austin to hang out and take laps around the neighborhood.  He’s a good egg, that one is.

What did you to for Labor Day?  Did you have the day off of work?  

39 Weeks

I sat down to lunch with my old office-mate today, and she probably was so irritated with how many people stopped by to ask questions.  No one is doing it out of a mean spirit, they just completely don’t realize that I’ve answered the same series of questions no less than 89 times in the minutes before they walked up.

Baby is the size of a:  Small watermelon.  A fruit I actually know!

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I’m not looking lol.  I’ve leveled off, but I tend to get a little crazy about weight, and I’m not interested in doing that right now.

Sleep:  None.  Ha.  Last night, I finally fell asleep on the couch around 3am after I didn’t want to keep Austin up all night.  42 minutes later, I was awake to use the bathroom.  I crawled back into bed with Austin, and slept for a little while before I had to go into work.  Everyone at work is being really nice to me and I don’t think they expect a ton, but I’m still putting in a good effort.

Best moment this week:  Gosh I feel like such a disappointment this week.  I literally have been laying around for days nonstop with breaks to go to work and make food I feel like.  But I introduced another friend to the magic that is Raleigh Raw and we had a lunch date, and I started getting really excited on getting some time off work to get to know the baby.  I hope that makes any sense.

Food cravings:  Back on the no cravings train.  Do you know what I did though that was so horrible?  I drank a smoothie with chicory root when I was in a rush on the way to work and I paid the price later on that day.  If you don’t know what that means, please consider yourself lucky.  And avoid stuff with chicory in it.

Food aversions:  The usual.  I bought Austin a rotisserie chicken from Teeter, and it smelled up my entire car on the way home.  There’s not really a question in my mind that chickens aren’t really for me.

Symptoms:  I’m in the home stretch.  I’m going to the bathroom constantly.  Not really sleeping.  But not a whole lot of symptoms that point me to thinking labor is immanent.  I also don’t have a frame of reference, so maybe something I’m feeling means that we’ll be delivering in the hospital soon.

Looking forward to:  Labor and delivery.  It’s time.  I am so so ready to meet this kid.


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34 Weeks

Baby is the size of a:  Pineapple.  I’m drinking a tropical(ish) smoothie for breakfast, so I’m tying it all in.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I am not really super duper into being a crazy person about my weight right now.  I am just over 25 lbs, last doctor’s visit.

Sleep:  Sleeping a bit less because I’m getting up more like two times a night to go to the bathroom.  I try and make sure that I go the second before I fall asleep, but my bladder really can’t handle more than what seems like a teaspoon of of anything in it.

Best moment this week:  We went on our hospital tour the other day, and it looked good.  It was nice, on the tour I found out they have bathtubs to labor in, birthing balls, and squatting bars.  It was nice, it seems like I’m going to be able to labor however feels best instead of being strapped down to the bed.

Food cravings:  More of the same, not anything crazy.  And not a lot of everything.  Last night, I really wanted some ice cream cake, so me and Austin went and got one (speaking all in British accents).  I ate a slice, and I’m taking the rest to work so I don’t eat it all.

Food aversions:  Too much of anything.  I’ve said this about a million times before, but I cannot overeat.  The second I even think about it, I feel horrible and it feels like food gets stuck like at the top of my stomach/bottom of my throat.

Symptoms:  The pelvic pain is like omg.  I was able to get in the pool and that helps tremendously, as well as laying down with a yoga block under the small of my back, and continuing to avoid split-leg exercises.  That means a lot of faking while demonstrating lunges, and a yoga block for pigeon pose.

Looking forward to:  My baby shower is this weekend!  And Harry Potter and the Cursed child is out this weekend.  AND DCAC is the following weekend.  A lot in the next few weeks.  And a baby at the end of it all!


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31 Weeks

Baby is the size of a:  Coconut.  That seems HUGE to me!

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I go to the doc this week, and have really avoided the scale.  Not for any reason – I’m very much over the fact that pregnancy leads to weight gain.  It is what it is.  I’m just not obsessing over it.

Sleep:  I am definitely definitely sleeping, but still going to the bathroom constantly.  I got a suggestion a while back, that perhaps I should consider drinking less water.  I will classify that was potentially the worst advice I’ve ever gotten lol.

Best moment this week:  My brother and Austin painted the baby’s room on Saturday, and the color ended up being amazing.  My mom asked me “who helped you pick that out” and I was like…::side eye:: ME!

Food cravings:   Ew…food.  Lol, for me pregnancy has never been a time of insane hunger and appetite for me.  The smaller my stomach physically gets, the less I can eat, and if I try to force it, I either get reflux, or this feeling like there’s food sitting in the bottom of my throat.  The key is small, frequent meals, and I generally avoid foods that would irritate my stomach in real life.  Fried things and dairy in particular are a no for me.

Food aversions:  See above.  🙂

Symptoms:  Eh.  Nothing too drastic.  I’m telling you what, the chiropractor is KEY.  If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, put your little money aside so that you can go to the chiropractor and get a prenatal massage.  Pregnancy isn’t meant for you to feel like shit 24/7 for the duration.  There are some enjoyable bits.  Like my skin finally looks really nice.  There are others, but that’s the first one that came to mind.

Looking forward to:  The pool this week.  I need to get in it.  The baby is gaining weight, and I need to get some of this weight off.  You never realize the difference a few pounds can make, or a few pounds in a certain area of your body, but it definitely shift things.


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Glucose Test


How was your week?

Mine has been good.  I had to work on Monday, even though folks had the day off.  It was fine – most of my team was there, and I was able to steal my way into a step class again.  Funny enough, the week still felt really short and really compressed still, and I found myself rushing to get things done.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent a good chunk of the day at my desk ironing out some of the holes in the June schedule, and before I knew it, it was Thursday, the day of a much-needed chiropractic appointment and my glucose test.

So, my lower back has started to feel irritated, and like it could use a good crack, but since I can’t really contort, I can’t get it to crack, and I didn’t want to do anything too twisty.  Per the recommendation of the instructor of the prenatal yoga workshop I did a few weeks ago, I consulted a chiro that specializes in family chiropractic, but my back was such a mess, I called my old guy, and kind of remembered that close to the beginning of my pregnancy, he’d said something about his ability to adjust preggos.  I couldn’t wait the two weeks, and I went and saw him, and I am so glad I did.  He had me like lay on some contraption that allowed me to lay technically on my stomach, but…idk it’s weird to explain.  Anyhoo, he totally adjusted me, and it was fine.

On the way back, I’d scheduled my glucose test, the test to determine whether I have gestational diabetes.  That is the weirdest thing ever.  So here’s what goes down.


I have heard this varies between practices, but the general idea is the same. So you chug this thing one hour before your scheduled appointment.  You have like some limited amount of time to chug it, but I got it down in like two or three minutes, and I was like “oh man, that is easy!”


Like 20 minutes later, I just was not feeling well at all.  The stuff is really syrupy – it kind of reminds me of those ice pops you eat that cut up the sides of your mouth in the summer time.  Except maybe sweeter.  And not really cold and there’s not a pool.  So I started to feel kind of sick to my stomach before I came into the office, and by the time I got in there, I wasn’t in great shape.  But you tell the receptionist when you get there when you finished the drank, and they get you back really quickly, since you only have an hour from when you finished, to like an hour and fifteen to get your blood drawn.  After that, I laid down in the exam room while I waited on the doc, who measured (right on track) and listened to the baby’s heartbeat (fuerte) before I hit up the TDap vaccine.

I fully anticipated going back to the office to take care of a few holes and return some emails, but I was feeling pretty icky after the test, and I ended up at home, napping sort of fitfully for an hour before I had to be back to teach my strength class and teach a short class for camp training.

I think since my body has recovered from being assaulted by the orange drank and I was able to burn off some of that sugar, I’m feeling like I’ve returned to the land of the living, but holy shit.  I hope I pass that test so I don’t need to take the three hour one.  God only knows what the in the hell they’re going to have me eating.

How was your week?

26 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): Keeping trend with the subjective fruit/veggie comparisons, this baby is the size of a coconut OR an eggplant depending on which app you’re going with.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I have not stepped on the scale in actual ages.  I’m in the 20 range I know, and I’m continuing to exercise, teach, and not eat everything in sight.  Which really isn’t super hard because my stomach feels like its been squished into something the size of a grape.  If I even think about overeating, I get refluxy and really uncomfortable.

Sleep:  I do it. Interrupted, always, by an early-morning bathroom break.  Yesterday’s break, and I was up, watching TV with the cats until it was time for regular people to wake up.

Best moment this week:  Step class with Jana!  I sort of tricked myself into going – about 20 minutes before 10am on Saturday morning, the strength instructor called with an emergency, and I was up and close enough to come in and teach the class.  Jana’s class was right after, so I stayed, and I was really glad I did.  Great workout, and great (though short lived) energy boost.  One riser, and a few mods, and I was good.


Food cravings:   Sparkling things still.  Pie is still something that interests me, but acquiring pie is a really difficult task, and my main barrier to entry as it relates to dessert.  I really just like pie CRUST.

Food aversions:  Eh.  Food in general.  I am a big big fan of smoothies lately because they’re so easy to get in without having to do much prep or anything.

Symptoms:  Again, I feel big.  And I’m experiencing some pelvic pain, most likely indicative of a fun thing that happens to your pelvis and which sort of spontaneously resolves itself after delivery.  I’m waiting to hear back from the prenatal yoga instructor, and I’m paying a visit to the chiropractor this week for that, and a little SI joint irritation.

Looking forward to:  Visiting baby land again.  Austin and I went to Target and Babies blah blah this weekend, and it was really really fun.  I thought it was going to be kind of overwhelming and lame, but it really wasn’t.  I’ve largely accepted that we have no clue what we’re doing, and nothing will really change that.  Makes things feel soooo much smoother once you can be at peace with that.  We’re going back to nab a few more things next weekend 🙂


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25 Weeks

Hi!  I am pregnant.  Very pregnant today.  13240566_10100773771767153_5805407430550357552_n.jpgBaby is the size of a: Rutabaga.  I need to be honest, I don’t really know what that is.  And I eat a lot of veggies.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I haven’t weighed since last week, but I was really really sick last week, and had a hard time eating solids.  I drank as much water and electrolytes as I could, but at last check, I hadn’t quite cleared 20 lbs due to this.  My appetite is slow to come back, but I’m making sure to eat good things, and not nachos.

Sleep:  Guess who’s still going to the bathroom every single second of the day!  Still only getting up once a night, but I need to be getting up more so I’m not in agony.

Best moment this week:  Hm…maybe actually catching up on my inbox at work after missing a day of work last week.  That is a feat!

Food cravings:   Sparkling things.  I would love some pie.  Specifically some pie crust.  I can leave or take whatever’s in the middle though.  Doesn’t do much for me.

Food aversions:  Oh where to start.  Food this week.  Lol.

Symptoms:  I’m just feeling a little bit huge.  Like my belly is definitely there, and definitely in the way, and there’s not really a whole lot I can do except accommodate it.  I went to a prental yoga workshop on Sunday, and she showed us a few things we could do while the rest of class, for example, is doing core work, and it gave me some ideas for class today.

Looking forward to:  Ordering some things for the baby’s room.


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22 Weeks – Changing it Up!

I thought I’d change up the questions this week because I was so late with my 21 weeks update, and I don’t want to bore you with the same exact questions.  Plus, I thought you might be interested in some of the questions I get, almost on a daily basis.  And then maybe you can stop asking me them.  Kidding!  (Kinda).

So I’m 22 weeks pregnant, which means I am pretty well halfway through the pregnancy.  I am not that fat, but I feel whaleish, so my go-to defense mechanism to to make a fat joke before other folks can, and it makes people really uncomfortable.  The baby is about the size of a spaghetti squash, which sounds HUMONGOUS, and is moving around a good bit.  It’s a little boy, and he’s due on September third of this year.

Onto the questions!

How are you feeling?  Really weird, honestly.  Physically, things feel like they changed overnight.  Emotionally/mentally, I don’t feel like myself, and that’s weird for me.  I feel a little uncomfortable in my own skin, and very crabby sometimes.  I feel concerned that I have no real idea of what I’m doing, and that my natural approach is to just “figure it out” like everyone else does.  My lack of freaking out is freaking me out, in a sense.  But a mom recently commented on a post a few weeks back that, pregnant with her second, she doesn’t feel like herself.  The normalizing of that feeling in that statement made me feel much better.  

Are you still teaching?  Of course!  I get really surprised when people ask me this question because teaching is/has been a part of my job.  The classes that have become uncomfortable to teach are Step/Bosu classes, but I’m still teaching Zumba, BodyPump™, Cycle, and whatever else is needed.  I am not running nearly as much because it feels really really uncomfortable, like I’m hurting my bladder.  Even now, if I’m on the treadmill, I have to go to the bathroom before I start, and I usually have to get off to go again after a few minutes.  I’ve talked to some running moms about this, and sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I wasn’t meant to run marathons this pregnancy, or maybe any of my pregnancies, but I do what I can.

You look really small!  Is the baby measuring okay?  Um.  I think people genuinely think this is a compliment.  Generally, I think it’s best if you don’t really comment on someone’s size, but folks think that telling you you either look huge or small, and then inquiring about your child’s health is okay.  It’s sort of not, and I have to hold back the urge to roll my eyes when I hear this one.  The measurement question really come from someone who’s really sweet, and I know she just didn’t think.

On the flip, an older person literally asked me if I was getting kinda fat.  When I told her I was pregnant, she seemed less than fully embarrassed,

Do you have cravings/are you sick?  Not really.  You’d really think you could eat nonstop while pregnant, but overeating is really not a thing.  The times I have overdone it, I get awful reflux, and I sit around feeling really really sorry for myself, trying not to puke.  It’s mostly just small meals and snacks, and nothing really in particular that I HAVE to have.  Other than seltzer.  I love seltzer and soda water.  I get loads from the Burger King down the street.

This is another point, but I don’t know how Burger King stays in business.  I go in there every other day or so to get seltzer, and there’re never really more than like 5 people at a time in there.  They haven’t changed the decor in like 30 years either.  I am so lost.

Do you know what you’re having?  Yes!  We’re having a boy.

Do you have names picked out?  No, not really.  We have plenty of time to think about it though, and I don’t really plan to share when we decide.  That’s for us, I think.


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