20 Weeks – Halfway There

We’re halfway through the pregnancy, and I’m enjoying these updates.  Full disclosure – I had a full – on breakdown in the airport today.  I’m overwhelmed, I feel disgusting, my skin is really broken out, and generally, I did not feel like myself today.  Fair warning, please just know that this sort of feeling is not abnormal once in a while during pregnancy, and I think it will pass.

Baby is the size of a: Banana.  Last week was a mango, so I’m not really understanding how exactly that’s growth because I feel like bananas are really skinny, and mangoes are really fat.  Idk, interpret that banana however you’d like.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I have no idea.  Definitely on the higher end of the range I talked about last week.  Maybe 12-14 lbs?

Sleep:   Sleep is still okay, but I am waking up early every morning still to go to the bathroom.  I am struggling with this one.  I spent a lot of the weekend traveling, and I felt like I could not stop going to the bathroom.  So I’m fighting this battle when I’m out to stay hydrated and not have to go to restrooms constantly.

Best moment this week:  I went to Jersey, then into the City to visit some friends and family.  One of my friends was running her first half-marathon, so we went and made a day of it.  The race began in Central Park, and it was a positively beautiful day.  I am glad I went.

Food cravings:   Sparking anything.  I ordered a HUGE bottle of soda water while we were waiting at the race, and managed to down every single delicious drop.  (I definitely needed a bathroom break after that.)

Food aversions:  Meat is kinda grossing me out.  In the beginning of the pregnancy, I managed a few turkey sandwiches, and chicken sandwich here and there, but for some reason, the thought wasn’t doing it for me.  I’ve been dealing with a little bit of reflux, and I don’t know if that is somehow contributing.

Symptoms:  The constant bathroom thing!  It’s literally constant.

Looking forward to:  Sleeping in my own bed tonight.  I miss it.


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8 thoughts on “20 Weeks – Halfway There

  1. Haha, I pee constantly, and I HAVE to drink water all the time or I feel like crap. I don’t really understand the fruit sizes either, but I just know she’s growing!

  2. Half way there!!! that’s so so exciting. And I can’t believe the size of a banana – that seems big to me! Interesting that your cravings are sparkling anything, that’s me too… not pregnant haha!

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