I think I’m obsessed with the Chicago Marathon

I had a friend run the New York Marathon last weekend.  She did great, and with the app (which was awesome, btw), I was able to track her every step.  As she approached 26, and I knew that she only had the .2 to go, I felt my heart start to beat faster and faster as I replayed scenes from the last bit of the Chicago Marathon in my head.  When she finished, and her bubble disappeared from the tracker, I let out a sigh of relief – I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath – and shot her a quick text.  She was done, and she’d done it well!

As I chatted with her about how good she’d felt that day, I really got excited about the prospect of possibly doing Chicago again in the fall of next year.  As I was prepping for the race, I told myself that maybe I would hang the marathon shoes up, and run for enjoyment.  Get back to doing more yoga, cycling, and more hanging out with my hubs.  But there’s some part of me that’s dying for the experience of Chicago.

Blue skies.  One of my dearest friends of 5 years.  Food.  Drinks.  The Cubs winning things.  Texts from friends as I made my way through the course.  My husband telling me that I “look so good” 19 miles in.  I find myself absolutely consumed with the idea of running through the streets of Chicago, high fiving folks, reading signs, and flopping down in the grass in the park after I run.

I know I said I could be done after this one.

But I think I lied.

10 thoughts on “I think I’m obsessed with the Chicago Marathon

  1. The Chicago Marathon is the best race in the world, so I’m not at all surprised that you want another go at it. I haven’t run it since 2011 but have been cheering for runners every year since and it’s still a rush. Here’s to hoping you line up another training regimen for 2016!

  2. I’ve only heard amazing things about this race, someday I’d like to get out there to do. Judging on your positive feelings, I think you should go for it again!

  3. I just finished Chicago as my first full and I finished thinking, “Yes, another… but not too soon.” then “Maybe Spring full number 2?” and finally “Maybe 2017.” I signed up for a spring goal half marathon so I couldn’t change my mind easily, but that still leaves the fall open… oops. Though I didn’t quite love training for a full during summer!

    1. I’ll admit, because of how hot and sticky the summers are here, I was not super diligent about my training. My first marathon was a spring one and I complained about freezing my ass off then too, so I can’t be satisfied 🙂

      1. Ugh, I hear you. Being in upstate New York, I’ll deal with snow and sub 0 wind chill temperatures allllllll winter for a spring marathon. I guess the only option is to move to a moderate spring/fall only climate? Do those exist? Ha!

      2. NC climate isn’t absolutely terrible, but we do get one or two months of ice storms and gale force cold. But nothing compared to sub 0…we NEVER have that!

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