Apparantly, I’m not 21 anymore.

Happy Sunday, all!

I hope you’re doing well.  I’m doing much better, recovering from a little bout of strep.  God only knows how I picked it up, but when I mentioned it to a few girls downstairs, they told me they may have picked it up from campers/middle schoolers in the building, and that they had had it in the weeks before.

Strep is not a huge deal.  Kids get it all the time.  But in the course, it became painfully apparent that I’m not 20 anymore and I wouldn’t just bounce back.

After I stayed home from work on Wednesday, which completely killed me inside, I woke up on Thursday feeling markedly better, and I showered and gathered myself together to go into work on Thursday.  I made it through about 2 phone calls, and one short book study meeting before I was completely exhausted, and I went home, prepped some lunch, and alternately slept and worked while I was in bed.  I ended up going for a short walk that night to get some blood flowing, but was shocked at how winded I felt just going up and down stairs.

It’s clear. I’m not 21 anymore.

I used to be invincible.  I broke a bone 10 years ago and bounced back, picking up running in the years after I sustained and recovered from the injury.  I ran a marathon once, threw up during the race, took a short nap, and attended a housewarming later that day.  I once slept for 45 minutes, and was able to work a full day in a bakery later after a full evening of merry-making.  But I think those days are behind me.

I woke up on Friday, mostly recovered from strep, which kicked my ass for 90% of the week, and I was READY TO WORK.  Ready to tackle the world.  Give adversity the middle finger.  I came in around 10, and proceeded to catch up on all the phone calls, emails, and replacement of batteries that had piled up.  Before I could think about getting too tired, I hopped on an elliptical toward the end of the day, and the endorphins were flowing…

And I was even able to hop on the treadmill for a few miles before I stopped and cleaned up.

Today, my body let me know that it’s not down for any funny business just yet.

I woke up early, ate a handful of fruit, and collapsed for a 2-hour nap, following my full night of sleep.

I still have no desire to eat anything.

And sober June hasn’t been hard at all because the thought of drinking anything other than hot things and seltzer makes me retch.

I have never had an issue with aging because I’m 27, and though I feel like certain parts of me have grown for the better, the good parts that are supposed to stay young and fun have stayed.  But this?  This, where I can feel my body not responding to things as quickly and taking things harder?  That’s hard.  I don’t think I like it.

What are your thoughts on aging?  How do you know you’re not 20 anymore?



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