First and foremost.

As per the obsession I described lately with sandwiches, I had another sandwich for dinner the other night –

IMG_0123[1]This time, I went full-on vegetarian (I don’t think turkey is a permanent jump into carnivorism for me), and did some hummus, sprouts, and various crunchy things.  This love affair with the idea of a sandwich isn’t just going to stop with the turkey sandwich.  I also made a tofurkery wrap for lunch today.  I’m starting to feel like sandwich girl’s almost-husband.  For whatever reason (and I’m not pregnant folks), the thought of a good, cold sandwich (or a hot one) is making me drool.  Absolutely drool.

But I’m not eating any sandwiches today because….drumroll please…

I have strep. 

I’m sort of being a miserable baby about it because I’m not kidding you, I never, never get sick.  I think it’s a combo of all the running (which strengthens your immunity), and being at a germy gym all the time keeps me pretty well.  But I really didn’t feel well when my sister was over this weekend, and even told you guys I was surprised at how badly I was hungover because I didn’t drink that much, but felt heinous all Sunday.  (Don’t worry, I’m still doing a sober June, that’s no excuse.)

So, I woke up with a sore throat on one side yesterday, and rolled over to Austin and groaned.

“What babe?”

I pointed at my throat.

“You’re choking?”  I shook my head and pointed at my throat again and gave him a thumbs-down.

“Your throat hurts?  A lot?”

He got it.  The one side of my throat was feeling awful.  At first I assumed it was allergies.  And then I decided to take a look back at my throat, and it just wasn’t good.  I scooted out of work, was able to cobble a way to see someone quickly, and get some antibiotics to quickly treat this.  It hurts.  I feel awful.  And I’m trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself.  But there’s definitely a chance that I will be working from my bed tomorrow, rather than from my desk where I can get everyone good and sick.  I’m hoping to at least, at least walk tomorrow.

When was the last time you were sick?  


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