Weekend Buzz

I’m sitting here, drinking some stomach easing tea out of my Jesus Shaves mug after a weekend FULL of bad food, some travel, and did I mention bad food?

Thursday night, I pulled my usual, and stayed late to work to finish up some emails and work because this past weekend was my mother-in-law’s birthday.  But no before I got the chance to treat myself to a little goodness…

Fitbit SurgeAfter a few months of wishing and waiting (I’m pretty sure they announced just around my birthday last year that this watch was gonna be a thing), I finally got my hands on a Fitbit Surge, the activity tracker with the GPS and HR monitor built in, and spent a little bit of time setting it up.  As you can see from the above picture, I was working on the group fitness schedule for May at the same time that I was charging the new guy and figuring out how to sync it with my phone.  (Don’t worry, a full review to come)!

After I worked for a little while on Friday, Austin and I headed to Charlotte to go to his mom’s house for her 60th birthday.  After we got caught in a ton of traffic on the way, when we got there, I immediately went for a glass of wine, and we sat down and talked and visited for a while before heading to bed that night.

Saturday morning, history was made when I ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes for breakfast.  I never eat cereal for one (I would always find myself feeling really hungry and a little sluggish), and I don’t really consider Frosted Flakes appropriate breakfast food, but they taste SO damned good, I just went for it, and it was worth every syrupy bite.  Seriously, caloric intake aside, there is nothing better than Frosted Flakes and cold milk.

After I ate, and did some work at the kitchen table, I headed out to the Siskey YMCA, the Y close to my childhood for two reasons.  One, to get a workout in, and two, to sort of see how they did a couple of things that we were struggling with at our branch.  I came on a really good day because the day before they had gotten this thing in…

Tread WallThis is the Treadwall, which is sort of like a treadmill, but you can rock club on it.  As it turns out, I’m a pretty decent rock climber, and both before and after my run, I hopped on the wall for a few minutes.

ClimbingI sort of got nosy and looked into how much one of these might cost for us.  It’s being sold for the low-low price of 11k.  Woops.

After I got my workout in and poked around the Y, we celebrated Sharon’s birthday with loads of barbecue food, and we visited with a few of her neighbors.  Once again that night, I completely fell fast asleep while Austin hung out with his brother.

On Sunday morning, we headed to brunch at the same place we went after my hen party last year, Bistro La Bon, and we met my parents there to celebrate for Sharon.  My mom was really cool, and got Sharon a present and sang her happy birthday.

Brunch Photo

We finished out the weekend by watching Bruce Jenner’s interview when we got home.

Jenner Interview

If this interview is still sitting in your DVR, you have to watch it. It’s a really well-done, personal look at a person struggling with his gender identity. Any question you could possibly have, Jenner answers with grace. It’s educational, and I’m hoping by his coming forward, that someone else struggling with the same issues feels comfortable even saying those words and doesn’t have to wait 60+ years to feel comfortable enough to do it.

Okay, all of that was a lot.  What did YOU do this weekend?  

4 thoughts on “Weekend Buzz

  1. I got a Fitbit this weekend, too, but mine’s a Charge. I’m excited to hear how you like the “all in one” style, though! I was on the fence about which one to try.

    1. All in one is nice – I’m such a dork though, these gadgets literally make my heart pound. I saw the advert for the apple watch last night and OMG. If I just had money to blow…

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