My morning routine.

First off, I would like to address this.

So, I have made it a point not to address the riots in Baltimore on this blog.  I don’t know what to say.  I’m really really sad, and I understand, as a black woman, that there are a lot of frustrations on both sides.

will say, however, that I feel really really privileged to live in this tumultuous time in our nation’s history.  Our kids are going to look at this in their history books, and we’re going to be able to say that not only did we live through this, but that this time enacted a tremendous amount of change.  Changes in race relations, changes in our police force, and changes in the system, which are the most important changes there are.

Let me move along before I get all emotional though.

My morning routine. 

So Kristyn at Chits and Giggles posted on this last week, and I found her post really really interesting, so I figured I might borrow this topic, and tell you guys a little bit about my morning routine.  I’m also really nosy, and would love to know what other people are into in the mornings.

So…my mornings.

Okay, first, know this about me.  I am probably the only runner in the world who will tell you this, but I’m not a morning person at all.  I am a miserable human being in the morning.  I am horribly ugly, my eyes are typically closed, and the only way I can really get myself going is to shower and put on fresh clothes.  I seriously struggle with morning workouts, and I’m not sure how I survived in Pennsylvania, getting up for a workout, then breakfast most mornings.  My best guess is the fact that though Tony didn’t love it, we went to breakfast in our pajamas, our glasses, and the makeup from the night before. When I get up early to work out now, I usually don 0 makeup, will pop a piece of gum, and hope that I don’t run into anyone important. But you can’t really do that in real life all the time.

I digress however,

So my mornings.  They typically all go like this except for Thursday mornings, where I wake up, then lay in bed watching DVR I’ve missed for like an hour since I don’t go to work until like 2 on those days.

So typically, the cats, Satans 1 and 2 run around from about 6 on.


Austin usually gets up and puts Chester (the big Siamese) in the carrier because he likes to jump on the nightstands and break things in order to get us to wake up.

On a Wednesday morning, I will drag myself out of bed around 6:50, grab a bar from the pantry and a diet coke (judge away), and head in for a workout with Jill, the trainer. I usually don’t eat anything before, but drink plenty of water during the workout, and usually work out with Jill for an hour. After the workout, I typically eat a little breakfast at my desk, chug some diet coke and water, and open my laptop and get started for the morning.

See the fitness schedules that I'm working on for April and May beneath my new toy?
See the fitness schedules that I’m working on for April and May beneath my new toy?

Usually I putter around, answer some phone calls and emails, and will scoot just before lunch to jump into the shower and do my make up so I look presentable for at least some portion of the day.

What is YOUR morning routine like?  

6 thoughts on “My morning routine.

  1. Ahaha that picture of Chester and Martin is real life. The past few mornings it’s been cold enough where Starbuck will cuddle up to my BUTT and I end up slowly contorted into the most uncomfortable shapes. How’s that Surge working out?? I just got my Charge going this morning! 🙂

    1. Surge is good! I am so surprised with how good the GPS is. So I have a fancy fancy GPS that I use for races and for interval training, and it hooks up to the satellites relatively quickly. Imagine my surprise that this thing that’s a measly 250 (for all the stuff that comes with it) and it hooks up in like 30 seconds or less. I was SO impressed with that!

  2. My morning routine: husband wakes me up when he gets up to shower. He has a vibrating FitBit alarm that wakes him up which I love so I’m not jolted awake by a blaring alarm. I lay in bed with the dog for a few mins (she loves sleep as much as me and isn’t in a rush to wake up). I get up and wash my face and put in my contacts. Go downstairs to eat breakfast while watching the Today show. Go upstairs to wash face, get dressed, and put on make up. Kiss husband goodbye. Come downstairs to put lunch together (normally leftovers from the night before), grab work bag and gym bag (if working out that day), grab a treat for the dog to give her when I drive out of the garage and then leave the house for the day. About 40 mins start to finish!

    1. I love that you included how long it is start to finish. I really feel like if I did that, I would be able to better estimate some things and be able to set my alarms so I could maximize sleep.

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