Britt McHenry is a terrible person

It’s pretty rare I will jump on the bandwagon, Justine Sacco style, and rage on about how someone needs to have their life ruined over an idiotic decision they’ve made.

And admittedly, though I feel like people like Justine, or people who dress in blackface for Halloween, or even an idiotic blogger I used to follow who threw a black and white party for Martin Luther King Jr’.s birthday are complete idiots, but I’d hate for most of them to like lose their livelihoods over it, right?  I mean jobs still aren’t easy to come by, no sense ruining some dumb person’s life over their complete ignorance, right?

Side note:  In the case of that blogger I used to follow before she threw a black and white Martin Luther King Jr. party, complete with popcorn and fake mustaches, the fact that she was Mormon made the entire thing worse.  The Mormon church and black people don’t have a fantastic history, and I will leave it at that.  When I mentioned how offensive her behavior was, she seemed 1000% clueless, and I couldn’t do any more than just unfollow her and hope she realizes that as a white Mormon girl, that since our history already ain’t so good, she should really chill on parties featuring hipster mustaches as a way to “honor” Dr. King.

I digress, however.

So, by now, I’m sure you’ve seen this horrible video of Britt McHenry, ESPN reporter, saying heinous things to the woman behind the towing counter when she went to pick up her car after it was towed from a restaurant.

We’ve all been in this situation.  Remember when I was towed this time last year?  It was completely my bad.  I am willing to admit that.  But it was still frustrating to go through the process of getting my car back, and even more so when it seemed that the towing company was taking advantage of the fact that I was carless and that they could do whatever it was they wanted to me.  However, the thought didn’t necessarily cross my mind to do any of what Britt did which included:

  • Stating how being in that place made her skin crawl.
  • Talking about how her being on television would somehow magically enable to her “sue this place”.  Whatever that means.
  • Making fun of that attendant’s weight.
  • Stating that people who worked in those places were not educated.
  • Making an extremely rude comment about teeth, or lack of teeth and people who work in towing places?

The woman working the counter seemed to handle herself well, and mentioned to Britt that there were cameras there, to which she continued on her rant.  Additionally, after a particularly mean-spirited comment, the attendant even told her, “don’t say that,” and she continued on.

I get it.  Like I said, I have been on the towed end of things.  But the little old auntie at the counter?  She’s not the one who towed your car.


You’re blond, and I suppose you’ve been told you’re really special and beautiful your entire life, which may have lead to some of the terrible comments you made that night.

However, think about this.  You, me, anyone reading this could be a few paychecks away from working behind a counter at a tow yard in order to make ends meet.  Jobs still are not easy peazy to come by, and you went into someone’s place of employment, and judged her based on the way that she looked, and made a scene.  You made it perfectly clear that deep down, you feel that you’re better than her and people like her, and that people who aren’t like you – blond, technically pretty, with a fancy visible job, with perfect teeth, don’t deserve dignity and respect, especially in their place of work.

You aren’t better than anyone “baby girl”, and you made that clear not only with the words you chose, but also with the apology that you issued on Twitter?!  Pro tip, next time you do something wrong, maybe an actual apology to the person you hurt is more appropriate.  Not some canned, creepy apology you made on Twitter because HR showed you the morality clause you signed and made you apologize at the threat of you losing your job.

So Britt, you pathetic, miserable, soul-less, nasty human being, I truly hope you learn a lesson from this.  And in the event you didn’t, which I believe to be true, please get a job as a server, as an attendant, as the person who takes your money at the tolls, or as the person who has to call and chase you around to get you to pay your student loans, and then decide how much better you are than those people simply because you have blond hair and a “fancy job”.

Best.  Just kidding.  That wasn’t sincere.  Let me start over.

Here’s hoping you learned something,




6 thoughts on “Britt McHenry is a terrible person

  1. I cannot believe that people feel like it’s OK to behave that way. I have a coworker who is constantly using her (work) phone to belittle customer service reps, and I can hardly stand it. They didn’t personally raise the price of your cable bill, so ripping on them is hardly called for or acceptable. Yikes.

    1. YES! I’ve had to get firm on the phone, especially with the insurance company a few months ago when were were dealing with my car (I totaled it) but to get nasty? Nope!

  2. ABSOLUTELY She is SUCH a disgusting person! I just can’t believe that she was ONLY suspended for one week!!! She deserves so much more punishment. She should really be fired. No one should be treated like that!

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