Running on freezing

So, it’s cold as eff here, and as far as I know, I’m still running a marathon in two months.

Lord Jesus please someone explain to me why the low on Thusrday is 5 degrees?  I live in North Carolina, this should not be the case.


This is straight, unadulterated bs. And I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about running this week without injuring myself or going crazy on the treadmill, not only because the treadmill is ridiculously boring, but also because the treadmills at my job try and close you out at 45 minutes for the courtesy of others. I may have to guest it somewhere and run on a treddie or a trail here that will allow me a little more time and still allow me to pack on the mileage. But hey, I won’t whine too much because I have a warm bed and a roof over my head.  More than some folks can say.

But I digress.

Beside the fact that we’re freezing for whatever reason here, I have an actual question for you all.

So, I may be the only woman on the planet, but I never read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I never got into it, and in fact, the summer when the series’ popularity had reached a fever pitch, I was working in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and I truly just didn’t have time to read it, plus I didn’t want my girls to see me reading it (even though a really decent number of them, juniors in high school, were reading it).

And now, with the movie last weekend, and with the proliferation of articles for and against it, I’m genuinely curious as to what all the hype was about, and if we ARE pushing something dark and abusive.  Knowing all of this, and knowing that I’m still training, and running a lot, I’m definitely considering putting that in the queue for treadmill books, really to see what this controversy is all about.  I honestly feel weird commenting on it at all without having read it, and I’m surprised to see that a lot of the folks who are writing blog posts and articles about it haven’t so much as cracked its spine.  But that’s just me.

Are you staying warm?

Did you read 50 Shades?  What did you think about it?

9 thoughts on “Running on freezing

      1. That’s where I was! You should of seen how happy I was all day yesterday! Even when I was mad I was still smiling… Sometimes you need that vitamin d… Even if it’s artificial

  1. I read all 3 of the 50 Shades of Grey books and I enjoyed them. They are an entertaining and easy read. Were they going to win a writing award? No. But I liked reading them and have re-read them a few times. I went to see the movie last weekend and all the shows were sold out. Will try again this weekend.

    I managed to fit in a run in our neighborhood on Tuesday around 5. By that time the sun had been shining long enough to melt most of the ice from the roads and it wasn’t slippery at all. We had to run on the road though as the sidewalks were a mess.

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