Get to know me better!

I’ve never really met this chick, but cutie-pie over at Two-Thirds Hazel always has the best quizzes and prompts.  She posted this the other day, so I grabbed it up – feel free to laugh J Then grab these up and do these yourself!

  1. Something you will…

refuse to do for the rest of your life: Hm.  It’s hard to never say never, but I think I won’t drive a minivan.  My parents had one, but driving a minivan isn’t really me.  Also, I will never use the derogatory f-word that is used against gay people.  That word makes me feel sick.  Sorry to get heavy so quickly!

always do forever: I will always make weird voices to my pets and talk to them.  I tell Coco all the time that “Mama loves you,” and that “You da best dog in the whole world,” in this weird doggy baby voice.  I can’t help it, pets just turn me weird.


  1. Something you think is… 

certifiably disgusting: When people like snarf their snot.  I get it, you have some congestion up in your sinuses.  But that is absolutely disgusting, and I actually feel really nauseated when I hear people doing that like in a meeting or something.  Absolutely disgusting.

absolutely amazing: There is just so much.  I’m not super religious, but the way that God, that the Universe, has always taken care of me?  Amazing.  There have been things that have happened to me that I don’t always understand at the time, but when all is said and done, I’m amazed. Everything in my life, even the hard stuff, seems to have happened for a reason.  That amazes me.

  1. A compliment you’ve been given that’s made you…

feel on top of the world:  Someone told me the other day that I make them feel really special when I ask them questions about their life.  I make it a point to do that and to pay attention to the answers because I’m genuinely interested, but it was cool that someone noticed.  Also, folks have told me I’m creative before and I’m like…me?  But I’m definitely cool with that.

pretty upset: Eh. This gross guy once said “Is this the YMCA or Hugh Hefner’s house!” upon seeing me one day at work.  I was disgusted.  Who told that guy that sort of “compliment” was okay.  How would he feel if someone spoke to his mother/sister/cousin/daughter that way?

  1. A name you…

hate: I’m not sure.

love: Hm. I have always loved the name Poppy.  Poppy Elizabeth.  I’m not sure why.

  1. Something people say about you that you…

know is entirely false: I think sometimes folks think I’m dumb.  I sort of sound like Hilary Banks (Fresh Prince) when I talk, but I’m really sharp.  No one had told me I’m dumb, but sometimes, I sense that because I really like to watch reality TV and love pop culture, that my intelligence is sometimes in question.

think is on point: My sisters say I’m the Kourtney of the bunch.  I get it.  I can be into some strange things.  Kombucha, soda water, and my salads.  I get how that can strike folks as a little odd.

  1. A taste you…

can’t stand: Mushrooms.  Broccoli.  The gourds.  Hot onions.

can’t get enough of: Franks Red Hot Extra Hot hot sauce.  I love anything hot.  Mmm.

  1. A song you always…

turn off immediately:  Friggin anything by Nickelback.  What a terrible sound they have!

belt out the lyrics to: Jealous – Nick Jonas.  I sound damn good at it too!

  1. Animal you…

fear: I hate little roachy things.

need in your life right this instant: None.  Absolutely not a one.  We have too many damned pets in this house, and I am not looking to increase that number anytime soon.  Not cool.

  1. Something you…

will never ever eat:  Mushrooms.  Because they taste like shit and can be slimy.

 would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: Mexican?  Or Asian food.  I love sushi (Japan), egg drop soup (China), and making my own pad thai (Thailand!).

  1. To enhance your looks you…

would love to, but would probably never resort to:  I don’t think I would do anything.  Maybe I would get under my eyes filled if they got baggy?  But I’m relying heavily on Roc Retinol and water to keep the bags at bay.

just stick to: BB Cream, mascara, eyeliner, and a spritz of perfume.

Feel free to steal it!!  

ow was your weekend?

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