Deep Freeze + The Hanson Marathon Method

I’m pretty sure the entire country is in some state of deep freeze right now – so it’s fairly pointless to complain because we’re ALL going through the same thing.

But alas, after a friend of mine asked if I could run her 8 with her on Wednesday, I thought nothing of saying yes.  Til my husband happened to pull up the weather report and figured out the that low on Wednesday would be like 15 degrees and at the time of kick-off we’d be powering through at 30-ish degrees, I slightly thought better of it.  But honestly, I have to get the run in anyways, so there was no point in putting it off – especially since I had to teach a Zumba class later that day, and it made no sense to run right before (doing that is never fun).

So I bundled up – tights, Nike Weather Shield half zip, SmartWool socks, and went for it.  It honestly wasn’t that bad – when we first started down Hillsborough though, the wind was like biting through my headband, through my shoes, and through my tights.

All that said though, I think I might prefer winter training to summer training?  I’m interested to sign up for something in the fall and see how I do – I just know that when I accompanied a friend training for Marine Corps (in October) some of those runs were downright impossible with the humidity.  I’m sorry Mother Nature, you just can’t win sometimes, can you?

Hanson Marathon Training

So I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m signed up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh, the full, which is taking place in April.  I’m pumped, and instead of doing traditional training for this marathon, I’ve gone with Hanson.  I think I just wanted a little change, and since I’ve done traditional for my first two marathons (small mileage during the week, long-ass run building up to 20-22ish miles), I’m looking for a change, something that will help me to feel strong throughout the 16-26.2 portion of the race (which was, interestingly, when I started profusely BARFING during Greensboro).  The difference between Hanson and regs training is that you’re running a lot of mileage during the week, there is more emphasis on the quality of the run (really specific prescriptions for speed work, and no running just for the sake of it), and your longest run doesn’t really go over 16 miles.  What this means is that I’m running a ton of mileage during the week, and I’m performing a balancing act – makings sure my calories are on point, making sure that I make all of my runs (about 6/week), and still performing well in my classes.

After today’s 4 (well, it was 6 because I got to talking to a friend), I was really concerned about teaching my Zumba class, but was surprised at how energized I felt.  Even as as fitness professional, sometimes I forgot that exercise adds energy.  It doesn’t take it away.  Must be the endorphins.

What is the weather like where you’re reading from?

4 thoughts on “Deep Freeze + The Hanson Marathon Method

  1. Oh those temperatures sound nice! Usually, walking to work is my preference, but I am waiting until the weather moves back up to 10 degrees as the “base temperature” before doing this. Yep – it sure is cold here and I am doing indoor workouts until the 20-30 degree temperatures return. Good luck with Hanson’s Marathon Training!

    1. Thanks! I am doing a trail run TODAY and it will be a little chilly, but not bad – in the 40s today here, which I know is warm compared to what the rest of the east coast is dealing with….

  2. Ooooh, I actually printed out the Hanson’s method and have been thinking of using that as my training plan this year for my full! Can’t wait to hear how you do with it before I start with it! haha

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