Dead car batteries.

Good morning!  I’m so sorry for my silence yesterday, but I had to buckle down and get the wedding invites finished.  They are done, they look beautiful, and I’m sending them to work with Austin tomorrow so they can just be DONE and out of my face.

And then, I will just focus on getting as much stuff done as possible until the RSVPs start rolling in.

But I realized today that I am getting married next month and I cannot wait.  I am so ready to see all my friends and family, and most importantly, be married and get my swirl on with my man.  So pumped! Eep!

Okay, so on Monday, I told you guys that my achilles was sort of bugging me, so I embarked on some pool running, which was actually really cool, despite the fact that it looks so so dorky.  It feels like it paid off, because I was able to teach my Zumba class at Aradia on Tuesday, and then I woke up early Wednesday morning, and hit up the treadmill for a pre-work run.  The tendon feels great, and I think I will just stay off the trails for the next few days while I let it decide what it’s going to do.

Dead Car Batteries.

So, I was running around, getting ready to go to work two mornings ago, and I kind of thought that my car was being lazy as it was cranking up.  It sort of coughed, but it started, and I thought nothing of it.

Later that day, just before the World Cup game (ugh, don’t wanna talk about it,) I went to start my car up, and the battery was dead.

Dead BatterySo there I am, on the day that felt like a million degrees, bumming a charge off my boss.  Yikes.

So today, I made sure I got the workout in early, headed to the most unfun store ever (Advance Auto Parts), unfun because there aren’t any fun magazines there or good candy, and I bought a new battery, and the ever-handy hubby-to-be replaced it.

Whew!  What a day.

But my battery is replaced, I ran today and didn’t die of heat stroke, invites are on their way, and I am delightfully sore.  Life is good 🙂

What are you doing for the 4th of July?


9 thoughts on “Dead car batteries.

  1. Congrats to you and, wow, next month is your wedding!! That is so exciting. I am coordinating a bike ride on July 5th, which is a learning experience that I do not plan to repeat, and watching a friend do a 5k on July 4th. I might end up doing the 5k as well, but I will play-it-by-ear. I am so glad your foot is behaving!

      1. Pretty much – I have co-coordinator who is not helping much. So, I might be spending part of the 4th of July spraying bike routes in addition to preparing invoices and thank you letters for donors. This is second time this year for me to be the rescuer on projects. I enjoy helping, but getting something dumped on me was not the plan.

        Bummer about your car – I had to replace my battery last year as well. Advanced Auto Parts will do a free install, if you ask, and provides some type of warranty.

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