Ann Coulter

Right turn from all the marriage talk and all this talk of texts gone wrong….

So, I can’t really even dignify this by linking to her article – if you’d like to read it, Google it, but Ann Coulter made some pretty heinous remarks about the World Cup as it relates to our country.  I get it, it’s Ann Coulter’s job to say horrifying things and get paid for it, but why do people feel the need to just be so damned mean?  And I’m not gonna sit up here and call her awful names or attack the way she looks, cause to me, that’s stooping to her level.  But it almost makes my throat hurt to know that she spews venom and gets paid for it.  Like, it’s completely beyond me.

img via AP/Peter Kramer
image via AP/Peter Kramer

Which brings me to this.  Once again, feel free to Google this, and luckily I’m not in a place where I’m yet lambasted on the internet, but there is a site, called Get off my Internets, or GOMI, which is entirely dedicated to (mostly) bashing bloggers.  I poked around on the site yesterday and I was astonished by what I was seeing.  Like, talking about a blogger’s weight, talking freely about a blogger’s relationship, or referring to someone as a “skank” for posting pictures of themselves in a bikini?  Just awful just awful.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good laugh, but I feel like if I felt like something like that was going on with a blogger, I’d just STOP READING THEM.  It’s really quite simple.

Why do you think that people feel the need to be so hateful behind their computer screens?

3 thoughts on “Ann Coulter

  1. What in the world? I just ugh. She’s like the WBC of right wing commentators. It’s fascinating that being a hater on the internet is still widely acceptable(and in her case rewarded with a paycheck).

  2. I am frankly AFRAID of people like her and her supporters. They “rewrite” history, twist the truth, and spread misinformation about policies in your country as well as others. She is an ass. I try never to pay her any attention – just roll my eyes. But then I think if we as a society do not speak up against these sort of people, then we will find ourselves in trouble – politically, socially, and otherwise.

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