Throwback…Friday? PROM!

I’m not doing a here’s what this week, because I’m not obsessed with anything that interesting this week.  Plus if I say that I’m obsessed with how good my own body looks in the mirror, you guys will judge me, and I’m not really down for that.

Moving right along!

I’m friends with a lot of my campers from CPT, and I’e seen a prom pic here and there, and those prom pics are getting me thinking about one of my favorite memories form high school, my high school PROMMMM!

Okay, so let’s start by keeping it 100.  I could not get a date for my prom.  The guy who I wanted to ask me could not take an effing hint, and didn’t ask me.  I tried to get one of his friends to take my hints….no go.  My parents asked me if they could help, but I wasn’t having that.  And eventually, I ended up going with this really nice kid from a neighboring high school.

[As a side note, I was not a complete loser, it’s just that I truly think that the boys were scared of me.]

So, there was no crazy promposal or anything, people didn’t really do that back then.  I think the inception of the “promposal” came about when Laguna Beach dedicated an entire episode to the promposal.



Thank God for Laguna.

Okay, so my prom.  I coordinated a date, and started setting up the whole thing.  Pre-prom, there was some friend-drama involving the limos.  For the life of me, I can’t even remember what the drama was, but I think someone stopped speaking to me and then wrote me an “I’m sorry,” card in the days leading up to prom.

So we get my dress, and the day of, my date picks me up from my house, and totally impressed my parents by holding the car door open for me so I could get me and my big dress in.



We made an extremely handsome pair, and we took some photos out by a friend’s pool.


So, just like a wedding day, things go wrong.  The limo rolls up, and it’s one of those 80s limos with a hot tub in the back, and not enough room for everyone, so I sat on the floor of the limo while we went to Maggiano’s for dinner, where we had the best time, and then we rolled out to prom.

Fun fact – the girl in the red is a bridesmaid in my wedding!

So after dinner, we rolled out to Founder’s Hall, which was the lobby of this banking building where my dad worked. And we proceeded to dance ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Literally, my prom was one of the best, and most fun nights of my entire life, and to this day, it’s one of my top like, 10, nights of dancing.  I’m really hoping my wedding is #1.

So now that you heard my experience, tell me….

What was your prom like?  

2 thoughts on “Throwback…Friday? PROM!

  1. Ahhh! I loved proms! I ended up going to 4, but of course my senior prom is top on my list. The guy I had been talking to knew I was going to ask him, but I wanted to ask in a creative way (all I wanted was to ask with a box on the beach like in Laguna Beach, but we aren’t near a beach) so he waited. Then the day before I was going to ask, my arch nemesis asked him. I was so mad! But come the night of prom, I danced with him the entire night.

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