Am I starting to get over Starbucks?

I never thought I’d see that day, but after I read this article at the Skinny Confidential, I kinda started to back off the Fraps.  To be clear, I’ve always done the best I can to skinny my frap, but reading this, I was really over the concept of spending like $5 on something that was packed with a ton of fake sugars and crap that my body didn’t want to digest.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to get my caffeine, but I do know this.


Two weeks ago, I changed my normal order (nonfat latté with two Splendas) and went for a venti iced nonfat caramel latté.  A few hours later, I started to feel horribly ill.  My head hurt, throbbed even.  I felt nauseated, and definitely was experiencing symptoms that felt a little like food poisoning.  I didn’t think anything of it, but drank as much water as possible, and kinda suffered through the next two days.

So I did a little experiment.

The middle of last week, I ordered the exact same thing, had a bottle of Aleve at the ready, and waited.  And the same. Thing. Happened.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but something with that caramel flavoring takes me from 0-runners trots and I will avoiding that order for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Anyone else have a food that you literally not stomach?

18 thoughts on “Starbucks.

  1. I used to get drinks with vanilla/caramel(less often)/chocolate or other flavored syrups… until my sister started working at starbucks. Did you know every time you order one of those drinks with syrups they put FOUR PUMPS in there?! that’s a TON of syrup (more than you’d put on an ice cream sundae!) The “skinnys” are often two pumps, or three, even. I stopped getting the syrups after that.

    Now, I only order lattes or soy lattes (I like the soy ones best, actually, because they use vanilla soy milk which is pretty low on added sugars and lends a bit more sweetness without being overpowering). And I boycott the syrups. I wonder if what you were experiencing was a VERY pronounced sugar crash.

    1. That’s definitely a possibility too. The best way to describe it is I felt like I was hungover. Nausea, sweaty, felt like I needed to eat but I couldn’t and then I REALLY had to go to the bathroom a ton. Never again. Not worth the nearly $5 you pay for it, and definitely not worth the hangover.

  2. Interesting… not gonna lie, I gave up Starbucks a long time ago. Even during the fall and winter I go elsewhere for my Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Peppermint Mocha’s (Panera or Dunkin Donuts). I don’t remember if Starbucks ever made my head hurt, but they are just overpriced in my opinion lol!

    1. So overpriced, and not worth it when you start looking at your budget and you realize how much you’ve spent on Starbucks. I’ve been drinking it for a while, but I really think it’s time to cut the cord!

  3. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I get a lot of caffeine in soda (which I should really stop drinking too). Quitting caffeine always gives me headaches. Have you tried Excedrin? It has caffeine in the ingredients to help with those type of headaches. It might work a little bit better.

  4. My usual is a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte. But, while I’m not concerned about the artificial sugars, I do feel guilty spending $5 on a latte. I used to drink their teas, which are half the price and better for me. I think I’ll be switching back to those.

      1. Have you tried it iced? I do the plain iced green tea in the summer and hot Earl Grey in the winter. ($2.63 for the Venti cold tea as well, as long as there’s no Lemonade, but that stuff has got tons of sugar anyhow.) Anywho- I think they usually have “Awake,” “Green” and “Passion” tea, iced, on-hand in the summer for sure. Thanks for the reply 🙂 Love your blog!

      2. That’s actually my favorite way to do it! Iced, and if I want it a little sweet, I put two Splenda in it. It’s SO good, but I feel like I suck it right down. Thank you so much for reading!!!!!

  5. Luckily I am so cheap that I rarely make a stop at Starbucks. I just can’t justify paying that much for a drink, because I always need a meal to go with it!

    This is gonna sound weird- but I think you know that I am sorta weird by now- but one of my favorite foods are hot dogs and they make me sick every time I eat them. I know they are packed with who-knows-what-parts of the animal, but they are just so good. I have spent many nights up all night sick because I just HAD to have a stupid hot dog. You would think I would learn my lesson. The body rejects what it doesn’t want!

    1. When I was a non-veg, I used to LOVE hot dogs. MY favorite were the ones that you got at like gas station or baseball games because they were grilled! But yes, they are super gross!

      1. Baseball game hot dogs can’t be beat. One of my most memorable times where I made myself sick by eating them was after sitting at the all you can eat seats at an Atlanta Braves game. I hate them, yet I love them.

      2. Aw man. I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but I did once eat two breakfasts from a diner when I wasn’t like all healthy and stuff. Had one egg + cheese biscuit with hash browns meal, decided it wasn’t enough and then went for round two. Woops!

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