The no-reply blogger.

I got this on Twitter the other day.

No Reply


You’re a no-reply blogger.

I didn’t even know what it meant!  So my first instinct was to fall on the ground and ask for forgiveness for “not replying” to something.  I’m very literal.  But when I replied to her comment and Googled it, I found it what it means.

Bloggers pay attention! 

If you’re a non-blogger too, and every thinking about blogging, this is kind of a good thing to know anyways.  So when I Googled it, I stumbled upon this article by the super-sweet Susannah, who, with her blog, guided me through what exactly was going on.

So when I created my Gmail, it was May of 2009, and the contact info attached to this Gmail was my address, which, unfortunately, we were not permitted to keep.  This meant that when I created my blog, almost four years later, when I commented on Blogger-hosted blogs, (which is a Google thing), it would respond to them using an old, no longer functioning email address.  So when bloggers would try to reply to me, they would get a no-reply message!

Thank GOD that she let me know, god only knows how many comments I’d made that they couldn’t reply to.  So, bloggers and writers!  CHECK to make sure that when you’re commenting on blogs, you’re taking the necessary steps to make sure that you’re not a “no reply” blogger.  Any questions?  Put them below!

7 thoughts on “The no-reply blogger.

  1. I was a no-reply blogger at first too! I had no idea since I use wordpress. Sarah from Venus Trapped let me know and told me how to fix it. And thank goodness! Being able to have an email convo with bloggers is so important.

  2. Thankful for the alert. Just did a check, and I get my replies in…when I make them. Which I REALLY need to do a better job about doing consistently.

    The Silent Reader and Non Commenting Blogger :-/

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