Racin’ Up in Vegas

tumblr_lyvu7d1kIp1qzbagvo1_500See how I did that?

Play on words? Wakin’ Up in Vegas, Katy Perry’s second big single/my next big race?

Okay, let me clear up the confusion.

So, in addition to wearing Bondi Bands, as a blogger, I applied to be part of their Ragnar Team in Vegas, which means I was only responsible for airfare.  I was chosen for one of their teams, and will be running with 5 other girls on one of their Ultra teams over a two-day, 200-mile period, and I cannot be any more thrilled.

The best part?

After I told Austin that I was planning on embarking on this ridiculous endeavor with 5 new friends (and then blogging about it), we decided to take a mini-moon to Vegas in November, and then plan our “real” honeymoon for late in 2015.  Now fun question for today!

I’m thinking Bora Bora or Hawaii.  Where should we honeymoon?

11 thoughts on “Racin’ Up in Vegas

      1. I’m not sure.. I looked into it like two years ago and it was 5,000 per person because it’s a small island and you have to fly to it separate so there are a lot of additional costs. Plus, I was looking into an overwater bungalow which probably didn’t help. Maybe you’ll be able to find something cheaper when you look into it?

  1. Getting to the Galapogose is around 2k, but it should be cheapish once you arrive. As for the Cooks, it is cheap once you arrive, according to those who have visited in the past. Frankly, I want to visit both, but my finances are not agreeing just yet.

  2. You could try a quieter Hawaiian Islan – like Kauai. The Maldives are expensive but amazing. have friends who went to Belize – they really loved it

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