I had a total meltdown.

I came home on Thursday night SORE.

My throat was sore.

My body was sore, on account of the fact that I woke up to run 4 miles with a coworker, and then I taught class around 6:30.  And I fantasized about the bath I would take that night, complete with a book with actual pages, and epsom salts.

So I turned on the water, and this is what happened.



If you can’t tell what exactly is going on here, I can fill you on.  When I turned the water on, water filled with a black ash waterfalled, and I watched, in disbelief, as my clean bathtub started to become smeared and smutty.

And I lost it.

Regina-george-screaming-2-oI called Austin about 4 times.

I texted him.

And then I started to freak out.

My throat hurt. My body hurt. And I couldn’t get my warm bath.

So I screamed. I told Austin that I was going to kick down the door of the front office.  Austin called and asked if I wanted a hotel room to take a bath in.  I said I didn’t and that I’d rather just punch everybody.  I screamed for so long and laid on the floor for so long that Austin looked really worried. And then, like a child who had just thrown the most epic of fits, I fell into a deep sleep.

I threw a fit. And I’m sorry. We live in the greatest nation of the world, and I’m throwing a fit because I can’t take a bath when I want it?  I need to grow up. No, I didn’t get my bath, but I went to sleep in a warm bed, I have folks who care about me, food in my belly, and I think they might have fixed the water. So I might even have a bath. I’m lucky. And happy 🙂

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