#1800 Minute Challenge

I saw this on Living in Yellow yesterday, and I totally hope you don’t mind I borrowed your awesome image, but I was totally so excited about the challenge, I had to tell you guys all about it.

#1800MinuteChallengeYou guys know how much I love a good challenge right?  I love a streak during the fall months where there isn’t a whole bunch of racing going on, and this thing proves as no exception.  For this challenge, I (and hopefully you guys when you get into this challenge), we will be doing 1800 minutes of activity between the April 1st through May 31st.  That math kinda filters out to about 30 minutes of activity today, so in my mind, with my training for my two half marathons in April, I am totally ready for this, and totally read to make sure that after my half on April 27th, I don’t fall into a lull where I don’t want to do anything anymore.

Plus, Mama is getting married in August, gotta make sure I’m looking good right?

Head over to Living in Yellow and check out this challenge!

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